In Round 2 of I'm A Speedrunner 3, TheAFH013 and Crash41596 engaged in one of the closest speedruns in IAS history. The match was in Spyro 3 and was a race to reach Evening Lake with 40 eggs. The two were neck and neck in the battle with Spike and appeared to both defeat him at exactly the same point, although the image below may shock you to your core being:

Al won

As one can observe, Al in actual fact completed the speedrun perhaps a literal second before Matt (Crash41596) and thus should have been the victor. However, unbeknownst to Al, he was using a potentially glitched copy of Spyro 3, which caused him to be teleported to the side of the arena for the cutscene with the egg, while Matt remained in the center. Due to this, it took longer for Spyro (in Al's game) to reach the whirligig and thus Evening Lake. Hence, Matt reached Evening Lake first and appeared to be the victor.

When the speedrun was uploaded, all of the above became apparent. That's when the arguing ensued:

Can't Risk It

The verbal brawling continued onto Skype, by which point Ratchet5 got involved and agreed that Matt should  do a rematch, while CrashBandiSpyro12 joined Matt's side due to butthurt over how the triple-threat match in Round 2 panned out.

Matt was called an insecure frog, Al was called a pedophile and Bandi was called everything under the sun until finally, Matt agreed to do a rematch, terrified all the while that he would lose. This time it was simply a race to get 40 eggs and Matt ended up being victorious, thus legitimately solidifying his place in Round 2. Ratchet5 later alleged that Matt's immaculate performance in the speedrun could have been attributed to him pre-recording his speedrun.

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