Croc is a piece of shit.
- ShoReWol

Baronzef (whose name is derived from his real-life nickname - Barons), formerly known as ShoReWol, is a Latvian speedrunner who turns out to be one of the youngest competitors ever. He is also the only person who is Latvian by his nationality to ever compete, but the third competitor of Latvian descent.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 8Edit

ShoReWol joined I'm A Speedrunner as a replacement for MrEddy1667ful in IAS 8. He was placed in Group A with Yogamoanyo, TheSubpixel and Bionicle2809. His first match was against TheSubpixel, which was a race to 6 red remotes in Gex 2. He lost that match. His next match was against Yogamoanyo; a race to complete Aztec 2 Step with 5 red remotes in Gex 2. Originally he lost that match, because he forgot about getting the reward remote in Out of Toon, but Yogamoanyo gave him a rematch, which he won in, thus eliminating Yogamoanyo out of the tournament(who would later take part in the final just for fun, which he ended up 'winning' by about an hour). His last match in Round 1 was against Bionicle2809, a race to complete Out of Toon 100% in Gex 2. He won that match as well. He had 12 points which was enough to place second in his Group, so for a surprise to many, he made it in Round 2.

In Round 2 he was drawn against LukeRF44. When Round 2 was drawn, Luke was on a holiday trip. As soon he got back they planned their speedrun. They decided to do Gex 2; race to get the 2 red remotes in Pangaea 90210. It was a close match as they were switching the lead multiple times during the run, but ShoReWol ended up winning with his opponent not finishing, even tough he wanted to.

This match was also a nominee for being the most exiting speedrun. But the hosts didn't give out these "awards" after the 1st talkshow.

In Round 3 he was drawn against Heydavid17. At the moment when the draw was made Heydavid17 and ThePlatformKing did not have their match done, so ShoReWol had to wait to hear his opponent. When that match was finally uploaded, David and Barons did their run. They decided to do Gex 3. It was a race to get 3 remotes in Western Station. David won the speedrun. Because it was close ShoReWol wanted to finish, but ShoReWol fell from a cliff and did not finish the speedrun.

In a Shaggin' Wagon, which was done quite quickly compared to other speedruns of Round 3, ShoReWol had to face CrystalFissure, TheAFH013 and MuddyMaestro.

They decided to do a race to 100% first two levels and get 2 red remotes in Fine Tooning. ShoReWol came in 3rd after some technical difficulties.

ShoReWol got lucky to have a 3rd chance in a 2nd Shaggin' Wagon, in which he had to face TheAFH013 and Nintendogen64. It was a race to 100% Frankensteinfeld and 100% Mao Tse Tongue. In which ShoReWol yet again lost, coming 2nd.

Participation in IAS? Nein!Edit

ShoReWol was drawn in Group G which was a Bugs Life Group. He was drawn against Oryps100MrEddy1667fulTheAFH013 and Johnny Natrium.

His first match was against Eddy and was a race to beat level 5 in A Bug's Life. This was the first match uploaded on the channel. ShoReWol lost and did not finish the speedrun, or even send his footage. Next he raced Oryps in Spyro 1, but the demo version since ShoReWol didn't have the full game at that point. They did a race to complete it, which is Town Square, Sunny Flight and Artisans 100%. Of course there were some differences between the full game and demo, but it was still speedrunable. The speedrun was close but ShoReWol came out with a victory, but only by 6 seconds. The draw time was 4 seconds. His 3rd match of Round 1 was against TheAFH013. They did Crash 3, race get 6 crystals and 3 gems. TheAFH013 won this match easily as ShoReWol failed in Orient Express which was the first level they entered. ShoReWol's last match was done a day before the deadline. It was against Johnny Natrium. They did Bugs Life. It a very strange race since it was to beat level 7, starting from level 4. ShoReWol won, since Johnny started out with 3 lives and got a game over.

With 2 wins and 2 losses ShoReWol was not able to make it to Round 2, because of how the group worked out.

ShoReWol got back into the tournament, because Johnny forfeit. ShoReWol was the first one to have a chance to re-enter the tournament, because he ended up 4th (first 3 go through).

In Round 2 ShoReWol had to face PinstripeParagon. They did a Crash 3, race to 13 crystals. It was supposed to be a post-recorded speedrun, but there were a lot of problems with ShoReWol's footage, but it ended up being a live speedrun. On the first attempt ShoReWol hadn't recorded the last 30 seconds of the speedrun, so the run was made a Void. The 2nd run included all of ShoReWol's footage. ShoReWol won, but his footage got corrupted, so the 3rd speedrun happened. This time there were no problems. And they made the run a little different: 13 crystals and the Purple gem route gem in Tomb Time. Paragon just like the first 2 runs was in front all the way until Dingodile, but lost his lead there. ShoReWol won the match, which meant that he was eligible to compete in the winners' races for a bye to Round 4. He competed in the A Bug's Life race, but his post-recorded run was only good enough for 3rd, so he only moved on to Round 3.

In Round 3 ShoReWol was drawn against MuddyMaestro. But the draw had a mistake and had put CherokeeGuy45 and Abdul TheArabicGuy together, which wasn't allowed since they raced each other in Round 2. And ShoReWol and Muddy were the unlucky ones and got separated. ShoReWol in Round 3 got to face Abdul TheArabicGuy. They went on to do a race to reach Dream Weavers. In their first attempt ShoReWol got an easy victory, but it was, because Abdul was dropping frames whenever he freed a dragon. In the rematch the race was a lot closer than before, but near the end ShoReWol got a confident lead as Abdul kept dying and won by 3 minutes.

In Round 4(quarter-finals) ShoReWol was drawn against MuddyMaestro yet again. And yet again they got separated as a match was drawn incorrecly. So in quarter-finals ShoReWol got to face Manaidr.  They did a Crash 3 race to get a game over in Under Pressure, get the box gem in Toad Village, get 1 relic from warp room 1 and 1 relic from warp room 2 and get a game over in Double Header. In the first attempt ShoReWol had to stop and Mayo didn't hear ShoReWol saying stop, resulting him continuing on. In the second attempt Mayo led the match for the whole time and won.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome Victory %
IAS 8 7 3 4 Semi-Final 42.85%
IAS? Nein! 8 4 4 Quarter-Final 50%
IAS 9 3 0 3 Group Stage 0%
IAS 10 5 4 1 Semi-Final 80%
RIP: Resurrected 5 3 2 Semi-Final 60%
Total 28 14 14 50%

Game StatisticsEdit

Game Matches Wins Losses Win%
Gex 2 6 3 3 50%
Gex 3 1 0 1 0%
A Bug's Life 3 1 2 33.33%
Spyro 1 2 2 0 100%
Spyro 2 1 1 0 100%
Spyro 3 1 1 0 100%
Crash 2 3 3 0 100%
Crash 3 7 2 5 28.57%
CTR 1 1 0 100%
Croc 1 1 0 1 0%
Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge 1 0 1 0%
Harry Potter 2 1 0 1 0%

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