• Morgan Avery

    New Badges.

    May 1, 2017 by Morgan Avery

    For some reason, the competitors edit track badges weren't enabled. I've enabled them now, so there are 8 more badges to get.

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  • TheStickKid

    I'm a failure

    June 16, 2015 by TheStickKid

    Please put all insults about me into this blog.

    I failed to host IAS10 and have been kicked and replaced by ShoReWol.

    I am worse than Angus.

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  • TheStickKid

    There are so many dickheads in this community that are completely against me. It's impossible to have one IAS without drama, isn't it?

    Angus is against me.

    Bandi's against me.

    Lyle's against me.

    Al's against me.

    David's against me.

    Fucking everyone is.

    No matter how fucking hard i try to be better than i was in IAS5.

    No matter how fucking hard i try to make things right.

    Everything just goes to shit.

    Fuck this.

    I'm done.

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  • TheStickKid

    There's a thing. It's called IAS10's Round 2. It's unknown how Round 2 will go. It could be your average Round 2, or it could be changed into something different. Maybe you can help decide by voting?

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  • Tenkkommander

    for achivements

    June 7, 2015 by Tenkkommander

    I did it guys! I earned my first badge.

    No sure what I am doing

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    Greetings editors of the wiki, today I felt like talking about this handy option available that allows for editing articles without using the edit button. This is more or less a tutorial on how to do this if you wish to do so.

    You're probably familiar with using the edit button at the top of the article page by now and use it exclusively to begin editing an article. However, you have some options in your Preferences that allow you to start editing just by double-clicking within the article text.

    To enable this, go to My Preferences and click on the Editing tab. Under the Starting an Edit section, you'll notice a few options. Check "Edit pages on double click" and hit the Save button at the bottom. Now when you go to an article, you can doubl…

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    Hey, it's me again and I felt like talking about something fun. As the main I'm A Speedrunner tournament series is coming to a close with the supposedly last one being IAS 10, I was pondering on what happens after that. Do such Multi-Single Speedrun based tournaments stop altogether? Will there be new tournaments that break the mold? Will there be something more other than a theme based tournament?

    There is also this video of Ratchet5 noting such things from one year ago.

    That's when I started playing around with the idea with how the tournament structure itself was with it always being a Group stage and a Single Elimination/Knockout stage. The original proposal of IAS 9 being a pure Single Elimination tournament was potentially a step in t…

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    Revamping the wiki

    October 7, 2014 by Dessertmonkeyjk

    Hello, it's your friendly neighborhood admin Dessertmonkeyjk with a new blog post. I felt that this would be the best place to deliver an update on what's been going on with the wiki as of late. 

    The first thing you've probably noticed recently is that the Main Page looks alot differently than it did before. That was my own doing and I've announced the possibility on reworking it before on the forums. The main reason why I decided to overhaul it was to do several things:

    • Focusing on making the Main Page being the main portal for navigating to majority of content on the wiki.
    • Splitting the Main Page into modules for different kinds of information as well as making it easier to manage each separately within templates.
    • Increasing discoverability …

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    I felt that the wiki could use abit of a makeover in terms of how things are organized and whatnot. Things such as articles being assigned to only 1-2  categories, ensuring a consistant format on articles (such as Competitor, Statistics, Drama, etc.), removing deadlinks are broken redirects, and all that jazz.

    There's quite abit to address here so I'll focus on one thing at a time.

    As you know, articles can be assigned to one or more categories based on the content covered. What they're also for is for navigation of topics of interest by grouping them together onto one page. This makes it easier to find what the user is looking for without having to search for it. In fact, searching for it as being the only way to find an article page makes …

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  • TheStickKid

    Gotta Love Dat Drama

    April 23, 2014 by TheStickKid

    I gotta say, everything after the deletion of WCS has been going to a hell streak. Mainly with the KingEurope vs HeyDavid fight.

    Will the fight ever end? Will the community be destroyed because of these events? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT CRASSICBALL Z.


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  • PPB001

    I'm dead...

    October 24, 2013 by PPB001

    since the information that i wanted to add on this wiki is apparently "not allowed", i am deciding to stop adding information for a while untill something pops back into my head in wanting to do something for this wiki

    Maybe, i could just help out ratchet on the fun with dick and jade wikia instead

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  • TheStickKid

    Shit to go to bout me

    October 19, 2013 by TheStickKid

    Channel: Xindictivetainment

    Old Channel: TheStickKid

    Side Channel: TSKDumps




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  • MrGamesendy's Kitchen

    Hey Hey, this is my second account, my previous account was CrystalFissure which was blocked for exposing a hack in the leaderboard system.

    Just so everyone knows what exactly happened, Angus and I were discussing the leaderboard system and how it doesn't necessarily reflect the efforts of people on the wiki. Angus for example, had less points than me and I'd only been on the wiki for a month. Prior to gaming the system, I had about 840 legitimate points through categorising pages, editing grammar, adding detail, formatting and uploading images. Convinced that the Leaderboard could be gamed by simply mass-editing any existing page (in this case, "Sandbox"), I showed Angus that it was indeed possible to get about 500 points in about 15 minut…

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  • Heydavid17

    Personal pages

    September 22, 2013 by Heydavid17

    It would be great if I could advise everyone who have been active lately on the wiki, if they could complete their own pages as well. Include as much as possible on your own pages. A little personal stuff, a little about your hobbies, and much about your tounament participation in different tournaments and statistics etc. The bigger and more filled the pages are, the better I must say. Personally I would enjoy to read a good amount of info on a person, before speedrunning the person, so it can benefit to a conversation and other things.

    Thanks, Tak, Takk, Tack, Spasibo, Hvala, Grazie, Gracias, Multumesc, Merci, Kiitos, Efcharisties, Dank, Paldies, Obrigado, Danke, Tesekkürler, Köszönöm advance. :)

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  • PaCipriani

    DO NOT make categories such as "Competitor from Serbia" or "Competitor from Israel" as that is completely pointless. I propose that henceforth we only create categories for countries when they have 4 or more competitors from that country. Thus, only the United States, the United Kingdom (a sovereign state as opposed to country obviously but still belongs in its own category), Australia and Ireland qualify for that (Finland might also but I'm not too sure).

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  • PaCipriani

    I think that if a past competitor is clearly not going to enter any future tournament, then we should class them solely as a "Past Competitor" in the categories and thus delete their "Competitors" category tag. That's what I've been doing for a few articles already but I figured that I should ask everyone else's opinion on it first.

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  • Mrthingus

    We are almost under 150 wanted pages. This is very good as the wiki gets more fleshed out. However, I've noticed that there are several dead-end articles at the last pages where competitors names have been spelled wrong, even if it's only a small typo. In the wiki activity you can see that I've been correcting these mistakes, but still seem to crop up out of nowhere.

    In order to keep this wiki well connected, I'd advise everyone to correctly spell links. This will not only keep the wanted page free of unnecessary links and allow us to focus on pages that are highly requested but it also avoids tedious spell checking. I don't know much about wiki bots but I'm sure they could help with correcting links.

    One thing I'd like to avoid is creating …

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