CherokeeGuy45 is a competitor from the United States who competed in both IAS? Nein! and IAS 10. Unlike most competitors, CherokeeGuy occasionally used their webcam as part of their video footage for matches.

Participation in IAS? Nein!Edit

CherokeeGuy45 first entered IAS? Nein! where he was placed in Group B. He first raced NoVaX9000. It was a race to 100% Ice Cavern in Spyro 1. This speedrun is notorious for having the first time that someone used a facecam for a speedrun. It was used by CherokeeGuy45. Nevertheless, the facecam didn't magically make CherokeeGuy better at speedruns as he lost this race. His next match was against Th3AustralianGam3r. It was a race to free 12 dragons in Spyro 1. This time the facecam wasn't around, but the outcome didn't change as CherokeeGuy45 lost yet again. For the third race the webcam was back and it did it's magic as CherokeeGuy came up with a victory over PinstripeParagon in a race to 100% Magic Crafters world. His final match was against TheMachineKing. Even though he had his magical facecam with him, he still lost. It was a Spyro 1 race, seems like a theme at this point, it was a race to get 3 dragon eggs, get a game over, and complete night flight.

11 points wasn't enough to go to Round 2 and left CherokeeGuy eliminated. He tried his hand at getting back in to the tournament through a Crash 3 Shaggin' Wagon race, where he failed. My guess is that it was because he didn't have his facecam with him in this journey. He was however able to get back in the tournament through a Shaggin' Wagon of Spyro 1. This was really surprising as he didn't have his facecam with him.

In Round 2 he faced off against Abdul TheArabicGuy. Still no facecam was to be found, but he ended up winning the race to complete Beast Makers Homeworld 100%.

Round 3 saw CherokeeGuy's final match. It was a Spyro 1 match against MuddyMaestro. There were many objectives. Objectives that led CherokeeGuy to another loss and an elimination.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS? Nein! 8 2 6 Knockout Stage
IAS 10 3 0 2 Group Stage
Total 11 2 8 -