Banning was introduced after the conclusion of I'm A Speedrunner 3, amidst the backdrop of arguing and controversy that arose from it. There are a few reasons as to why someone may be banned:

  • Quitting/dropping out unreasonablyLeaving the tournament with no good reason can result in being banned due to the side-effect of disrupting the tournament as a result. If one drops out with a reasonable excuse (e.g. MuddyMaestro in IAS 8) then they will not be banned.
  • Sabotage - Acts of deleting videos from a hosting YouTube channel and/or other means of undermining the operation of the channel.

Banned People

  • Rickyman48 - Banned from IAS 9 and IAS 10: dropping out of IAS 5, deleting all the videos from IAS 8. Second strike.

Unbanned people

These are people who have been originally banned from a tournament but then got unbanned by doing something.

  • Mr100PercentGamer - Originally banned from IAS 6 for dropping out of IAS 5. Was decided to be let back in because Ratchet5 was being nice. Didn't join IAS 6 anyway.
  • KingEurope1 - Originally banned from IAS 6 for dropping out of IAS 5. Was let back in due to secks.

Permanently Banned

  • Katrinonus - Banned from IAS 7 and all future tournaments for creeping out CrystalFissureNintendogen64 and TheAFH013.
  • Supster131 and HeyDavid17 - Banned from Running In The Past and all future tournaments for repeatedly cheating in matches and hacking the tournament's channel in IAS 10.

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