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Crash Dash


MeckleMisuer & TheAFH013

Held On





March, 2011 - April, 2011

Crash Dash was a short lived tournament hosted by MeckleMisuer and TheAFH013. It began in the middle of March 2011, but the account got closed by the end of the month. The channel was not opened again and the tournament was cancelled. The tournament was originally held because MeckleMisuer didn't want to wait until July for the Crash Tournament.

Attendance was excellent and many people from the IAS community participated.

The tournament had a different setup than IAS. Instead of a single-elimination tournament, this one was double, meaning that if you lost in Round 1, you would move on to another group made of other defeated people. These rules changed a little prior to the closing of the channel.

List of competitorsEdit

Below is a list of people who competed in the tournament, and in which Tier some people would've gone into.

Round 1Edit

Group AEdit

Group BEdit

Group CEdit

Group DEdit

Group EEdit

Group FEdit

Tier 1Edit

Tier 2Edit

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