Declared Winner a term for when someone has been determined the victor in a match which then counts toward their progress in the tournament. The rules in effect during the match also plays a part in this such as what round the match takes place in. While it is often that the match has a clear winner, there are cases where it is uncertain who that is.


Situations which can result there being no clear victor in a match include:

  • The match finishes in a Draw.
  • The match is considered Void and the victory does not count.
  • The match is part of a best of 3/5 series and does not stand on its own.
  • The match is classed as a Triple Threat Match where there are two victors instead of one.
  • At least one competitor drops out before, during, or after the match, making the match itself void. A replacement is then determined, if necessary.

Declaring Oneself the LoserEdit

One may declare themself the loser if they have at least started a race with their competitor and their competitor has a video up with them completing the chosen goal of the match. Even if someone has drawn or won a race, they can still declare themselves the loser.

If their opponent does not have a video up of them completing a goal after they started a race with them, then they can not declare themself the loser and instead it is counted as Void. This is also the case when even if one has recorded a speedrun with someone, if their opponent has not recorded any video it is again counted as void. This gets very sketchy when one can base who is going through with their opponent by anything and not necessary what the tournament's theme is. This is viewed as something that inevitably happens and can't be stopped as people can easily pretend to do horribly on a speedrun without anybody realising if they really wanted to. Otherwise, if one is able to declare themselves the loser, their opponent is the declared winner.