The End of CrystalFissure vs

The End of CrystalFissure vs. Nintendogen64

Drama is one of the outstanding events in the history of I'm A Speedrunner that is enmeshed in many incidents of people arguing, friendships dissolving and trolling commencing all over a speedrunning tournament. While it's a common occurrence, it's something many wish to avoid if they can help it, especially when things get out of hand and lead to cases of permanent damage such as videos of matches being lost forever.

Due to how frequently these events occur, some people have "faked" or played up drama such as the ones seen in I'm A Speedrunner 8 involving CrystalFissure, Nintendogen64, and Rickyman48. While entertaining, it is advised that people remember that drama typically arises due to egos circumnavigating the tribal island that is competitive speedrunning. In that regard, no one should ever take it seriously.

As these events can result in being rather extensive, they are given their own article. You can find them by looking in Category:Controversy.