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To draw or not to draw, that is the question. As a topic of much debate in the speedrunning community; no one is really 100% certain on what constitutes a draw and who decides this. In the months leading up to the IAS8 Rule Incident and of course the IAS 8 Controversy the rules behind drawing were hotly discussed. This article aims to put an end to the debate and once and for all close the book on the issue of drawing.

History of the Draw

Before getting into how to force a draw we must first ask what is a draw and how did the need to make up rules to decide what a draw is come about. Well to answer that question we must cast our memory back to the 31st of December, 2010. The stage is set for an epic Round 2 speedrun between TheAFH013 and Crash41596 in the 3rd I'm A Speedrunner tournament; the race was to get to Evening Lake in Spyro 3 with 40 eggs. Both men were neck and neck and both men defeated the boss and got their 40th eggs at exactly the same time, however TheAFH013 suffered a glitch that caused him to take several seconds longer during an animation sequence, which he had no control over.

Despite this, Crash41596 still claimed the victory for himself and it wasn't until many competitors took umbridge to this that he finally gave TheAFH a rematch. The point was that no rules were put in place to address a case such as this and therefore a plethora of drama and reaction to the speedrun was created out of something that could've been easily avoided and in fact rules would be instated to remedy this issue in all future tournaments.

Current Draw Times and Match Lengths per round

Round Draw Time Match Length
1 4 seconds 10 - 25 mins
2 7 seconds 20 - 35 mins
3 10 seconds 25 - 40 mins
4 13 seconds 30 - 45 mins
5 16 seconds 40 - 55 mins
6 19 seconds 50 - 65 mins
7 22 seconds 60+

Intial Draw Rules

After the shambles that was the controversial finish to TheAFH013 and Crash41596's speedrun in I'm A Speedruner 3, Ratchet5 was determined to not repeat the same mistake twice and thus created the rules that were to be followed for I'm A Speedrunner 4 if a draw were to occur. Instead of having one standard time for deciding a draw for all speedruns, he deemed it more fair to have different draw rules for runs of different times. The times for matches and draws in IAS 4 are listed below:

I'm A Speedrunner 4
Match Length Draw
<20 minutes 3.99 seconds
20 - 30 minutes 4.99 seconds
30 - 40 minutes 5.99 seconds
40 - 50 minutes 6.99 seconds
50 - 60 minutes 7.99 seconds
60 - 70 minutes 8.99 seconds

Here is then what the draw times were in I'm A Speedrunner 7. Note that these draw times only took effect during a particular round.

I'm A Speedrunner 7
Round Match Length Draw
1 <10 - 25 mins 6 seconds
2 20 - 35 mins 16 seconds
3 25 - 40 mins 26 seconds
4 40 mins+ 36 seconds

If one were to look at the draw times of I'm A Speedrunner 4 and compare them to that of I'm A Speedrunner 7, the time was stepped up to ludicrous levels. The real issue was that draw times were never consistent as there was never any official documentation of the rulings and often were just made up for each new tournament.

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