EvilOmnimon (Previously known as JakeGF257) is a speedrunner from Australia who has participated in a few I'm A Speedrunner tournaments.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 4Edit

JakeGF257 was drawn in Group C, where he raced MrFinlandboy in a race to get the Refractor in R&C3. He lost. He did beat his 2 other opponents; ImNotADoctor5 in a race to beat ChainBlade in R&C2, and MrFraserFilms2009 in a race to get 1 Skill Point, 1 Titanium Bolt, 1 Trophy and beat Captain Qwark in R&C3.

In Round 2 Jake ended up losing to Mr100PercentGamer in a race to 7 Platinum Bolts in R&C2.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 6Edit

After skipping IAS 5, Jake returned for IAS 6, where he beat Ratchet5 in a race to unlock Nancy in Spyro 3. He later on beat ComicMischief100 with less than a second gap in between, but gave the win to Liam as Jake wanted to have a triple threat, but Jake was officially declared the winner later on. This is the only instance of someone declaring themselves the loser even though they actually won. ImNotADoctor5 never showed up for his match against Jake.

Even though he and Liam both had 7 points Jake was allowed through due to him initially beating Liam. In Round 2 Jake beat MrGamesendy in a race to 40 dragons in Spyro 1.

In round 3 Jake faced off against Manaidr in a race to talk to Boris the explorer in Mystic Marsh. Jake won.

Round 4 saw Jake losing to RabidWombatJR in a race to get all dragons in the first 3 worlds, rescue Nestor and game over in Dream Weavers with four flights completed and all eggs in Spyro 1.

However, there was a second chance round where Jake came 2nd losing to Ratchet5, but beating PeteThePlayer in a race to 100% Mushroom Speedway, and then beat the time attack and race on Country speedway and time attack and race on Honey Speedway in Spyro 3.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 7Edit

Jake was placed in Group H. He lost all of his matches. He lost to Tealgamemaster in a race to beat Twilight Thorn in Kingdom Hearts 2 and PeteThePlayer in a Kingdom Hearts 1 race. Later, his match against Random8127 was uploaded. Jake lost the Kingdom Hearts 1 race, and he didn't send his footage.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 4 4 2 2 Quarter-Final
IAS 6 6 4 2 Semi-Final
IAS 7 3 0 3 Group Stage
Total 13 6 7

Game StatisticsEdit

Game Matches Wins Losses Win%
R&C 2 2 1 1 50%
R&C 3 2 1 1 50%
Spyro 1 2 1 1 50%
Spyro 2 2 2 0 100%
Spyro 3 2 1 1 50%
Kingdom Hearts 1 2 0 2 0%
Kingdom Hearts 2 1 0 1 0%

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