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Grand Theft Auto Tournament



Held On

Grand Theft Auto Tournament




April, 2011

The Grand Theft Auto Tournament, hosted by CrashBandiSpyro12, was a tournament strongly inspired by IAS, similar to that of Crash Dash. Unlike Crash Dash however, the setup of the GTAT, was exactly the same as IAS, only with a Grand Theft Auto twist.

The tournament attracted a good few keen competitors, but not quite as many as Bandi had hoped, and as such there was only 5 Groups in Round 1 consisting of 4 competitors each. By the deadline of Round 1, not even half of the matches had been uploaded, and many still not even done, so the Round 2 draw video was a bit fragmented.

Bandi announced almost a month later that if it wasn't already obvious, the tournament had been called off. The channel still exists as museum for the defunct tournament.

List of CompetitorsEdit

Below is a list of people who competed in the tournament, and the groups they were initially sorted into. There is also a list of the draws for Round 2.

Round 1Edit

Group AEdit

  • MrThingus, NintendoGen64, CrystalFissure, TheStickKid

Group BEdit

  • MarioundConker13, CrashBandicoot872, Shineot, ToddGamerPro

Group CEdit

  • LukeRF44, DovydasRybakas, AuronSuper95, GnastyGnorc95

Group DEdit

  • CrashBandiSpyro12, RabidWombatJR, Xenocide8, CityRuler1

Group EEdit

  • MeckleMisuer, TheAFH013, Ratchet5, MrFraserFilms2009

Round 2Edit

Group AEdit

  • (First in 3rd Place Triple Threat) vs. Ratchet5

Group BEdit

  • CrashBandicoot872 vs. (Second in 3rd Place Triple Threat)

Group CEdit

  • ImNotADoctor5 vs. GnastyGnorc97

Group DEdit

  • (First in Group A) vs. Shineot

Group EEdit

  • TheStickKid vs. TheAFH013

Group FEdit

  • CrashBandiSpyro12 vs. RabidWombatJR

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