I'm A Speedrunner 6
"Speedrunning doesn't get any duller than this" - Nintendogen64
Held On IASR6
Host(s) Ratchet5
Players 48
Gold Winner RabidWombatJR
Silver Runner-Up TheAFH013
Bronze Third Place Ratchet5
Fourth Place LukeRF44
Running Date December 9, 2011 - January 20, 2012
Tournaments IAS 5 SSIcon IAS 7

I'm A Speedrunner 6 was the 6th IAS tournament and the 3rd Spyro Tournament. It began on the 10th of December 2011, and lasted until the 16th January 2012.

Participating PlayersEdit

(Alphabetical order)
Previous Best
NO 99CrashBandicoot 1st Debut None 1
UK AntarticSpyro 3rd IAS 4 Group Stage 1
16 Ashdragon90 1st Debut None 1
IT AuronSuper95 4th IAS 5 3rd Place 4
UK Bionicle2809 5th IAS 5 Knockout Stage 4
16 CityRuler1 3rd IAS 5 Knockout Stage 3
16 ComicMischief100 3rd IAS 5 Quarter-Final 2
US Crash41596 3rd IAS 5 Winner of IAS 3 2
16 CrystalFissure 5th IAS 5 Knockout Stage 4
UK DavidLetsPlays 1st Debut None 1
UK EternalKnuckles1993 1st Debut None 1
16 EvilOmnimon 2nd IAS 4 Quarter-Final 1
UK ImNotADoctor5 6th IAS 5 Quarter-Final 6
US Katrinonus 1st Debut None 1
UK LukeRF44 5th IAS 5 Winner of IAS 1 2
US Manaidr 5th IAS 5 Quarter-Final 5
US Mariojinn2 1st Debut None 1
US Meap212 1st Debut None 1
UK Mikeyekimaple 1st Debut None 1
US Mowmowclub2 4th IAS 5 Quarter-Final 2
US MrBandicootkid 1st Debut None 1
FI MrFinlandboy 5th IAS 5 3rd Place 5
16 MrFraserFilms2009 5th IAS 5 Group Stage 4
IE MrGamesendy 1st Debut None 1
IS Mrthingus 3rd IAS 5 Knockout Stage 2
16(1) MuddyMaestro 1st Debut None 1
DE NeviutzLP 1st Debut None 1
16 Nintendogen64 4th IAS 5 Quarter-Final 4
16 NoVaX9000 1st Debut None 1
DE PeteThePlayer 2nd IAS 5 Semi-Final 2
16 RabidWombatJR 3rd IAS 5 2nd Place 2
16 Random8127 5th IAS 5 3rd Place 5
16 Ratchet5 6th IAS 5 2nd Place 6
IE SamatelloHD 1st Debut None 1
UK ShadowDevil2009 2nd IAS 3 Knockout Stage 1
16 Slodgeball 2nd IAS 5 Group Stage 2
16 Spikestuff95 2nd IAS 5 Quarter-Final 2
US SpyroJam86 2nd IAS 3 Group Stage 1
UK Tealgamemaster 6th IAS 5 Quarter-Final 6
UK TehBrummieGamer 2nd IAS 5 Group Stage 2
DK ThaRixer 3rd IAS 5 Semi-Final 3
IE TheAFH013 3rd IAS 5 Knockout Stage 2
DK TheDANISHdynamite 1st Debut None 1
UK TheLMan101 1st Debut None 1
16 TheMachineKing 3rd IAS 5 Knockout Stage 2
US ThePlatformKing 2nd IAS 5 Group Stage 2
US VideoGameRules645 2nd IAS 5 Knockout Stage 2
US Yogamoanyo 4th IAS 5 Semi-Final 2
UK Zaydskate 1st Debut None 1


Group seeding, like in I'm A Speedrunner 5, made a return. The advantages to competitors having a seed under their name was that they would be put into a Group where no-one else was seeded, meaning (in theory) it would be easier for them to progress. They would also have the opportunity to pick the letter of the Group they wished to be placed in.

To qualify for a seed, participants had to upload a video of themselves completing at least one of three given speedruns, in the fastest time they could. The three choices were initially, Spyro 1: Race to Dream Weavers, Spyro 2: Race to 22 Orbs (chitched, no all abilities) and Spyro 3: Race to 37 Eggs (chitched). The seeding trials were considered too long, and very few people entered. To encourage more to join, the speedruns were changed to Spyro 1: Race to Beast Makers, Spyro 2: Race to 11 Orbs (chitched, no all abilities) and Spyro 3: Race to release Sgt. Byrd (non-chitched), respectively. The old trials took priority over the new ones however, meaning that all who had already done those speedruns were secured a seed.

The top four places from each speedrun were awarded their seed, making up a total of 12 seeds.

The twelve Seeded Competitors for IAS 6 Round 1 were as followed:

  • CrashtoHedgehog
  • Nintendogen64
  • Zaydskate
  • NeviutzLP
  • RabidWombatJR
  • PeteThePlayer
  • Ratchet5
  • MrFinlandBoy
  • MuddyMaestro
  • TealGameMaster
  • Crash41596
  • LukeRF44

Groups and Competitors - Round 1Edit

Group AEdit

User P W L Points
Manaidr 3 3 0 15
TehBrummieGamer 3 2 1 12
DavidLetsPlays 3 1 2 9
Mariojinn2 3 0 3 6
MrBandicootkid (dropped out)* 0 0 0 0

(*)MrBandicootkid would later return as a replacement in Group D.

Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
DavidLetsPlays Video Manaidr
DavidLetsPlays Video TehBrummieGamer
Manaidr Video TehBrummieGamer
Manaidr Video Mariojinn2
TehBrummieGamer Video Mariojinn2
Mariojinn2 Video DavidLetsPlays

Group BEdit

User P W L Points
Nintendogen64 3 3 0 15
Spikestuff95 3 1 2 9
SpyroJam86 3 1 2 9
Random8127 3 1 2 9
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
Spikestuff95 Video Nintendogen64
Spikestuff95 Video Random8127
SpyroJam86 Video Nintendogen64
Random8127 Video SpyroJam86
SpyroJam86 Video Spikestuff95
Nintendogen64 Video Random8127
Triple Threat Match
Comptetitor Result
Spikestuff95 1st
SpyroJam86 2nd
Random8127 3rd

Group CEdit

User P W L Points
Zaydskate 3 3 0 15
VideoGameRules645 3 2 1 12
TheDANISHdynamite 3 1 2 9
Ashdragon90 3 0 3 6
Nemesiss120 (dropped out) 0 0 0 0
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheDANISHdynamite Video VideoGameRules645
Ashdragon90 Video VideoGameRules645
TheDANISHdynamite Video Zaydskate
VideoGameRules645 Video Zaydskate
Ashdragon90 Video Zaydskate
TheDANISHdynamite No Video Ashdragon90

Group DEdit

User P W L Points
NeviutzLP 3 3 0 15
ShadowDevil2009 1 0 1 2
Mikeyekimaple 1 0 1 2
MrBandicootkid 1 0 1 2
ZeppelinG1993 (dropped out) 0 0 0 0
Elvisman2000 (replaced) 0 0 0 0
TheRayquaza93 (replaced) 0 0 0 0
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
NeviutzLP Video ShadowDevil2009
NeviutzLP Video Mikeyekimaple
NeviutzLP Video MrBandicootkid
ShadowDevil2009 Not done Mikeyekimaple
ShadowDevil2009 Not done MrBandicootkid
Mikeyekimaple Not done MrBandicootkid

Group EEdit

User P W L Points
RabidWombatJR 3 3 0 15
MrGamesendy 2 1 1 7
NoVaX9000 3 1 2 9
MrFraserFilms2009 2 0 2 4
XtremeVideoGamer321 (replaced) 0 0 0 0
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
RabidWombatJR Video MrGamesendy
NoVaX9000 Video RabidWombatJR
NoVaX9000 Video MrGamesendy
NoVaX9000 Video MrFraserFilms2009
RabidWombatJR Video MrFraserFilms2009
MrFraserFilms2009 Not done MrGamesendy

Group FEdit

User P W L Points
PeteThePlayer 4 3 1 17
Yogamoanyo 2 1 0 5
Mrthingus* 3 0 1 2
SamatelloHD 2 0 1 2
Runnee22Walkthroughs (replaced) 1 0 1 0
  • MrThingus did all 3 of his matches, but only 1 was uploaded, and the results of the other 2 are unknown.
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
PeteThePlayer Video MrThingus
Yogamoanyo Video PeteThePlayer
SamatelloHD Video PeteThePlayer
Yogamoanyo No Video MrThingus
Yogamoanyo Not done SamatelloHD
MrThingus No Video SamatelloHD
PeteThePlayer Video * Runnee22Walkthroughs

* Due to Runnee22Walkthroughs being inactive, PeteThePlayer decided to upload a speedrun to the channel by himself, and as a result, Runnee22Walkthroughs gets no points, while PeteThePlayer is awarded a walkover win, and gets 5 points.

Group GEdit

User P W L Points
EvilOmnimon 2 2 0 7
Ratchet5 3 2 1 12
ComicMischief100 2 0 2 4
ImNotADoctor5 1 0 1 2

* Originally, even though he finished first, EvilOmnimon declared himself the loser against ComicMischief100, as he wanted to do a Triple Threat match; However, this was overruled at some point, and EvilOmnimon's intial victory stood.

Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
ComicMischief100 Video * EvilOmnimon
Ratchet5 Video EvilOmnimon
ImNotADoctor5 Video Ratchet5
Ratchet5 Video ComicMischief100
ComicMischief100 Not done ImNotADoctor5
ImNotADoctor5 Not done EvilOmnimon

Group HEdit

User P W L Points
ThaRixer 3 3 0 15
MrFinlandBoy 3 2 1 12
Bionicle2809 2 0 2 4
99CrashBandicoot 1 0 1 2
MowMowClub2 (replaced) 1 0 1 2
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
ThaRixer Video MrFinlandboy
ThaRixer Video Bionicle2809
MrFinlandboy Video Bionicle2809
MrFinlandboy Video 99CrashBandicoot
ThaRixer Video Mowmowclub2
ThaRixer Not done 99CrashBandicoot
99CrashBandicoot Not done Bionicle2809

Group IEdit

User P W L Points
MuddyMaestro 3 3 0 15
TheLMan101 2 1 1 7
Meap212 2 0 2 4
EternalKnuckles1993 1 0 1 2
PrototypeDriverCrash (replaced) 0 0 0 0
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheLMan101 Video Meap212
MuddyMaestro Video EternalKnuckles1993
TheLMan101 Video MuddyMaestro
MuddyMaestro Video Meap212
TheLMan101 Not done EternalKnuckles1993
EternalKnuckles1993 Not done Meap212

Group JEdit

User P W L Points
TealGameMaster 3 3 0 15
AuronSuper95 3 2 1 12
CrystalFissure 3 1 2 9
ThePlatformKing 3 0 3 6
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
TealGameMaster Video ThePlatformKing
TealGameMaster Video AuronSuper95
AuronSuper95 Video ThePlatformKing
TealGameMaster Video CrystalFissure
AuronSuper95 Video CrystalFissure
CrystalFissure Video ThePlatformKing

Group KEdit

User P W L Points
Crash41596 3 3 0 15
TheAFH013 3 2 1 12
TheMachineKing 3 1 2 9
Slodgeball 3 0 3 4
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheAFH013 Video Crash41596
Crash41596 Video TheMachineKing
Crash41596 Video Slodgeball
TheAFH013 Video TheMachineKing
TheAFH013 Video Slodgeball
TheMachineKing Video * Slodgeball

* Due to being sick of waiting for Slodgeball, TheMachineKing decided to upload a speedrun to the channel by himself, and as a result, Slodgeball gets no points, while TheMachineKing is awarded a walkover win, and gets 5 points.

Group LEdit

User P W L Points
LukeRF44 2 2 0 10
Katrinonus 3 2 1 12
CityRuler1 2 0 2 4
AntarticSpyro 1 0 1 2
Match Statistics
Player 1 vs. Player 2
Katrinonus Video CityRuler1
LukeRF44 Video Katrinonus
LukeRF44 Video CityRuler1
Katrinonus Video AntarticSpyro
AntarticSpyro Not done CityRuler1
AntarticSpyro Not done LukeRF44

Round 2Edit

Player 1 vs. Player 2
Manaidr Video SamatelloHD
Nintendogen64 Video TheLMan101
Zaydskate Video AuronSuper95
VideoGameRules645 Video NeviutzLP
RabidWombatJR Video MrFinlandBoy
PeteThePlayer Video NovaX9000
EvilOmnimon Video Gamesendy
ThaRixer Video TehBrummieGamer
MuddyMaestro Video TheAFH013
TealGameMaster Video Ratchet5
Crash41596 Video Katrinonus
LukeRF44 Video Spikestuff95

Round 3Edit

Player1 vs. Player 2
TheAFH013 Video Zaydskate
Crash41596 Video RabidWombatJR
PeteThePlayer Video Nintendogen64
ThaRixer Video Ratchet5
EvilOmnimon Video Manaidr
NeviutzLP Video LukeRF44

Round 4Edit

Player 1 vs. Player 2
RabidWombatJR Video EvilOmnimon
TheAFH013 Part 1,Part 2 Ratchet5
LukeRF44 Video PeteThePlayer

Triple ThreatEdit

Outcome Player
1st Ratchet5
2nd EvilOmnimon
3rd PeteThePlayer
Part 1, Part 2

Grand FinalEdit

There were a lot of complications with the Grand Final. Ratchet5 was told by CrystalFissure that the match was taking place on the 17th of January, but it was actually taking place earlier than that, and Ratchet was only told that the Grand Final was happening on the day that it actually took place 1-and-a-half hours before it started, and he wasn't prepared for the match as a result.

The first attempt was restarted after LukeRF44's game crashed early on. During the second attempt, Luke's game crashed yet again, but this time, instead of restarting again, Luke decided to record his run with an approximate 25-minute delay, with his run being synchronised up to the other 3 competitors' runs during editing. However, Luke had to leave the match later on, and never finished his run. In addition to that, his footage got corrupted.

TheAFH013 finished first with RabidWombatJR finishing less than 10 seconds later, forcing a draw, and Ratchet5 didn't finish, as he was guaranteed 3rd place anyway. However, when Rabid sent his video, it turned out that he'd forgotten to destroy the ? vase in Zephyr. (Which explained why he caught up with Al so quickly during the backtracking after defeating Ripto.) While this meant that Rabid technically hadn't finished the speedrun, making Al the only person to actually complete the objective, Al decided to give a rematch anyway, because Ratchet5 and LukeRF44's races were both compromised for different reasons, and also because he enjoyed the original match so much that he wanted to do it again.

The rematch didn't have any issues, with RabidWombatJR winning comfortably from TheAFH013, Ratchet5, and LukeRF44, who lost his footage.

Original MatchEdit

Outcome Player
Gold TheAFH013
Silver RabidWombatJR (Did Not Finish)
Bronze Ratchet5 (Did Not Finish)
4th LukeRF44 (Did Not Finish)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Outcome Player
Gold RabidWombatJR
Silver TheAFH013
Bronze Ratchet5
4th LukeRF44

Dropouts and ReplacementsEdit

As with every tournament, there are situations in which competitors are no longer are able to participate, or do not wish to do so anymore. When this happens, new players are generally brought in to replace them, or if it is past Round 1, a previously defeated competitor will be brought back.



The first dropout of the tournament was MrBandicootKid, of Group A. He ended up quitting early on, due to problems with his laptop. His replacement was Mariojinn2.


Having not participated in an IAS tournament since the very first one, Nemesiss joined IAS 6. He was drawn into Group C, but had to quit due to only being able to use his keyboard to play the games. His replacement was Ashdragon90.


ZeppelinG1993, veteran of IAS 3 and 5 unfortunately had to drop out of Group D. His depature was inevitable, as at this point in time, he was unable to keep on top of making his own video walkthroughs, let alone participate in an entire speedrun tournament. His replacement was ShadowDevil2009.


Runnee had been mostly inactive through Round 1 and by the end was dropped in favor of SamatelloHD.



Mariojinn was MrBandicootKid's replacement, when he dropped out of the tournament very early on.


AshDragon joined Group C when Nemesis120 dropped out. She was the third female participant of IAS 6, the most of any tournament so far.


ShadowDevil2009 replaced ZeppelinG1993 in Group D. Coincidentally, ShadowDevil was actually in Zeppelin's Group in the previous Spyro tournament, and beat him.


SamatelloHD joined Group F as a newcomer. He had some experience with competitive speedrunning but was totally new to the I'm a Speedrunner competition.

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