IAS? Tein! was a speedrun tournament intended to hosted by Ratchet5 in late 2015. The tournament would have been a sequel to IAS? Nein!, a spinoff from the I'm A Speedrunner series.

IAS? Tein! would have been similar to IAS? Nein! in the way that Ratchet5 would be the sole host and decision maker, but it may not have had as many Shaggin' Wagons or as complicated of a structure.

The theme of the tournament was intended to be 1999, the original theme for IAS? Nein!

Soon after the wiki page for the tournament was created, it was scrapped in favour of Running in the Past.

Voting VideoEdit

Ratchet5 was planning on uploading a voting video sometime later on in the year voting on either the theme of the tournament, or what compulsory games the tournament would have had if 1999 had stayed the theme.