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IAS7 Grand Final - Part 125:51

IAS7 Grand Final - Part 1


IAS7 Grand Final took place on [Date] and the game played was Toy Story 2. The competitors were Ratchet5, Zayskate, MuddyMastero and CrystalFissure. CrystalFissure ended up winning.

Events in the RaceEdit

The race was to defeat the final boss in Toy Story 2 for the PS1. 

The match started off fairly evenly matched, with CrystalFissure completing the first level 100% before anyone else did. However after the first level, it became slightly difficult to determine who exactly was in the lead due to differing routes. With every update, it seemed slightly more apparent that CrystalFissure had gained more ground and inexperince in other players helped his cause. 

Zaydskate was always a few steps behind, however he also proved his skill by being in front of Ratchet5 and MrGamesendy for most of the race. A competitor who was fairly unpredictable was MuddyMaestro, who was also quite a worthy racer. His undoing, however, came at the hands of level 13: Airport Infiltration. His inexperience cost him valuable time.

MrGamesendy, who actually arrived late to the Skype call causing the speedrun to be delayed, also had a lot of trouble. Half way through the run, TheAFH013 and Nintendogen64 were joking around, telling him that he was too loud. MrGamesendy fiddled with his computer and it ended up causing his terrible recording setup to fail. He was then kicked from the call due to audio problems and was not heard of for the rest of the race. This almost automatically solidified his fifth place spot.

CrystalFissure finished the race first, followed by Zaydskate. After this, it was Ratchet5, who lagged behind, and then finally, MuddyMaestro, who took extra time due to his Airport Infiltration failures. MrGamesendy automatically took fifth place.


The Grand Final was filled with funny moments and sheer speedrunning skill. Each competitor was fairly worthy of being in the grand final. CrystalFissure's victory proved to be quite a game-changer, as it was an exemplar of how anything can happen in speedrunning. The finalists weren't predicable and neither was the race. People who had previously been regarded as "average speedrunners" were able to showcase their ability at Toy Story 2.

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