IAS 3 Grand Final - Part 1 812:26

IAS 3 Grand Final - Part 1 8

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The Grand Final for I'm A Speedrunner 3 was held on January 30th, 2011. Here, the champions faced off in a four-way battle. The game was Spyro 3 where they had to defeat the Sorceress. The video was uploaded into 8 parts total. The competitors were: Mr100PercentGamerLapogne36Ratchet5, and Crash41596

Crash41596 was the winner of the Grand Final, with Ratchet5 in 2nd place, Mr100PercentGamer in 3rd and Lapogne36 in 4th. 

Events in the MatchEdit

Shortly after the race began, Mr100PercentGamer suffered a power failure, and his commentary was not featured in the race for most of the Final. Amongst the competitors were LukeRF44, who finished before any of the guys in the Final, but because he had been defeated by Mr100PercentGamer in Round 2, he wasn't competing in the Final. RabidwombatJR also acted like a complete douche towards John for absolutely no reason.

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