IAS5 Grand Final - Samura1man Vs. Auronsuper95 Vs. Mr.Finlandboy Vs

IAS5 Grand Final - Samura1man Vs. Auronsuper95 Vs. Mr.Finlandboy Vs. RabidwombatJR

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The competitors were AuronSuper95Samura1manRabidWombatJR, and MrFinlandboy.

Events of the MatchEdit

RabidWombatJR had some minor power cuts and made a major mistake in warp room 5, which ensured that Samura1man won the tournament. AuronSuper95 quit his second consecutive Grand Final, after MrFinlandboy finished 3rd.

Road to the FinalEdit


In Round 1, he faced his whole group and won. Round 2 was rather interesting as he faced Yogamoanyo in a Crash Bandicoot 3 speedrun. The Quarter-Finals saw him against Random8127, in the same game as in Round 2, and won. The Semi-Finals saw him beat ToddGamerPro.


After making it through Round 1 easily, he faced ThaRixer in Round 2, Crash41596 in the Quarter-Finals, and CrashBandiSpyro12 in the Semi-Finals. He won all 6 of his matches prior to the Grand Final.


During one installment of the I'm A Speedrunner Talkshow, he was awarded the "Best Newcomer" award, after he won both of his Round 1 matches. Round 2 was unexpected (in terms of the game being played.). He won against CrashFan15. In the Quarter-Finals he went up against ToddGamerPro and won easily. In the Semi-Finals, he was drawn against Ratchet5 and won. This win against Ratchet5 marked him as the "Best Newcomer" of IAS 5.


In Round 1, he faced CrystalFissure and lost, shocking the whole tournament, but he beat OverallGameing, getting him into Round 2. In Round 2 he faced Manaidr and won. In the Quarter-Finals, he beat Spikestuff95. In the Semi-Finals, he beat PeteThePlayer.