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The IAS Championship Scramble is a casual speedrunning series that took place between I'm A Speedrunner 9 and I'm A Speedrunner 10 and returned after I'm A Speedrunner 10's conclusion. Conceptually, the championship scramble was initially intended to keep up some sort of interest in speedrunning until IAS 10.

Special Rules Edit

The IAS Championship Scramble was intended to be a monthly speedrunning contest between whoever decides to participate for that given month. The idea was that by doing speedruns competitors could earn points with the competitors who get the most and second most points by the end of the monthly competition would face the IAS and WCS championship for their titles respectively.

Non-Compulsory Speedrunning Edit

The main difference between the IAS series and the championship scramble was that speedruns werent compulsory and can be done between any two competitors as many times as they like for the month of competition. If competitors who are traditionally lazy decided not to compete they didnt need to. Anyone could regardless of whether or not they've previously appeared in an IAS tournament.

Limited Weekly Runs Edit

In an effort to stop people from doing mass speedruns against the same people thus rigging the system players could only verse the same players once per month. Additionally in a 7 day period they were only allowed to do a maximum of 5 speedruns and only one speedrun per game.

Points Edit

Much like the IAS series, the points given for each match were:

  • Win = 5 points
  • Loss = 2 points
  • Draw = 3 points

If players decided to challenge a current WCS or IAS champion they would receive instead:

  • Win = 10 points
  • Loss = -10 points
  • Draw = 0 points

If any player had less than 0 points during the month of competition they would be eliminated from competition until the end of the month.

Games Edit

Any game can be played as long as all competitors involved agree on them. There is a limit on the number of times a competitor can play a particular game during the month however. Take Spyro 1 for example. If a competitor plays Spyro 1 then they won't be allowed to play it again for another 7 days thus capping the number of times each game can be played at once per week.

Triple Threat Matches Edit

If three competitors decide to do a speedrun then whomever wins the run will receive the 5 points, 2nd gets 3 points and the loser will get the 2 points.

Draws Edit

The draw times are based on the match length rather than round times.

Draw Time Match Length
4 seconds 10 - 25 mins
7 seconds 20 - 30 mins
10 seconds 30 - 50 mins
13 seconds 50 - 120+ mins

WCS Champion Edit

The WCS championship will also be on the line in the IAS Championship Scramble. Whoever gets the second most points during the month of competition can challenge the WCS champion for their championship. Additionally, as the WCS championship is secondary to the IAS championship, the WCS champion can compete during the month of competition like anyone else and if they receive the most points they can challenge for and potentially hold the IAS championship in tandem with the WCS championship.

PSA: As WCS3 is currently going on, this won't become a rule until after its conclusion.

Challenging for a Championship Edit

As stated earlier, whoever has the most points after the month of competition is over gets to race the current IAS Champion for his championship and the 2nd most challenges the WCS Champion for his championship. The champion gets the advantage of picking the run but both competitor need to agree on a game. The runs also need to be longer than 30 minutes and in the case of a draw the champion will retain his championship. If a player manages to defeat the champion and win the championship, the former champion is entitled to a rematch at a time of their choosing. Once again the current champion can pick the run and it must be longer than 30 minutes with a draw resulting in the champion retaining.

Month 1 - November 1, 2014 >>> November 30, 2014 Edit

Player RanksEdit

Rank Players Wins Losses Points
1 CrystalFissure 3 3 21
2 Nintendogen64 2 3 16
3 ShoReWol 1 2 9
4 LukeRF44 1 1 7
4 SuperGhettoSandwich 1 1 7
5 COOLPRO195 1 0 5
5 Heydavid17 1 0 5
5 supster131 1 0 5
5 DessertmonkeyJK 1 0 5
6 LyleBandicoot93 0 1 2
6 playsihull 0 1 2
6 MrGamesendy 0 1 2
7 Spikestuff 2 2 0

Match TablesEdit

Match Player 1 Vs Player 2
1 Nintendogen64 Video CrystalFissure
2 Spikestuff Video CrystalFissure
3 COOLPRO195 Video LyleBandicoot93
4 ShoReWol Video Heydavid17
5 Spikestuff Video Nintendogen64
6 Nintendogen64 Video ShoReWol
7 ShoReWol Video playsihull
8 SuperGhettoSandwich Video supster131
9 Nintendogen64 Video LukeRF44
10 CrystalFissure Video LukeRF44
11 SuperGhettoSandwich Video CrystalFissure
12 DessertmonkeyJK Video Nintendogen64
13 Spikestuff Video TheStickKid (c)
14 Supster131 Video CrystalFissure
15 CrystalFissure Video MrGamesendy

Championship Match (November, 2014) Edit

Challenger Vs Champion
CrystalFissure Video TheStickKid (c)

Month 2 - December 1, 2014 >>> December 25, 2014 Edit


Month 2 of the IAS Championship Scramble was known as IAS Championship Scramble: Survival. The main difference was supposed to be that after the initial '1 on 1' round, the top 3 players formed one team and the champion forms another team with either himself and two others or can substitute himself out and choose 3 players to compete for him.

The two team would compete following December 25 in a team match where there would be 5 goals. The last player to complete the first goal will be eliminated and then the last player to reach the second goal will be eliminated. Once all players from one team were eliminated the other team wins. If the challenging team wins, all 3 members would challenge for the championship in a 4-way match. If the Champion's team wins he wouldn't need to defend his title for the month.

Unfortunately, after the round had finished, there was so little interest in Survival that the team match never happened.

HeyDavid17, who had the highest points, dropped out, and so the person with the most points was Nintendogen64, the host. But as no match against TheStickKid, the current champion, was ever done, there was not ever a clear winner of survival.

Player RanksEdit

Rank Players Wins Losses Points
1 HeyDavid17 3 0 15
2 Nintendogen64 1 1 7
3 CrystalFissure 1 0 5
4 LyleBandicoot93 0 1 2
4 AbulTheArabicGuy 0 1 2
4 Manaidr 0 1 2
4 MrGameSendy 0 1 2

Match TableEdit

Match Player 1 Vs Player 2
1 LyleBandicoot93 Video HeyDavid17
2 HeyDavid17 Video AbdulTheArabicGuy
3 HeyDavid17 Video Manaidr
4 MrGameSendy Video Nintendogen64
5 CrystalFissure Video Nintendogen64

Survival MatchEdit

Even though TheStickKid chose his team mates for the match, the survival match was never done.

Team Challenger Team Champion
HeyDavid17 TheStickKid
Nintendogen64 LukeRF44
CrystalFissure Spikestuff95

Championship Match Edit

Challenger Vs Champion
Never Chosen TheStickKid (c)

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