Johnny Natrium is a cornerstone of the Crass Community but took a while to compete in any IAS tournaments. Nevertheless, he is a constant presence in many matches.

However, Johnny joined IAS? Nein due to it being a "1998" themed tournament. Being a huge fan of Thief, this would give Mr. Natrium a prime opportunity to speedrun that game.

Participation in IAS? Nein!Edit

Johnny was drawn in Group G with MrEddy1667ful, Oryps100, ShoReWol, and TheAFH013, and won the group after beating Eddy, Oryps, and Al, but losing to Barons. He dropped out of the tournament for unknown reasons after Round 2 started, though.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome Victory %
IAS? Nein! 4 3 1 Knockout Stage 75%
Total 4 3 1 75%