That Jorvin kid is fucking awesome!
- Mr100PercentGamer

Jorvin (Nintendogen64's real life friend), was asked to join IAS 5 (the second Crash Bandicoot Tournament) in 2011, despite not having played the games in many years. His debut speedrun caused a whole trend of Jorvin followers throughout the early stages of Round 1.

Before Nintendogen64 joined the speedrunning community, Jorvin often co-commentated in his Let's Plays and he notably did a co-op Star Wars Battlefront playthrough with him.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 5Edit

Jorvin started his journey in Round 1. He also ended said journey in Round 1.

His first match was against Crash41596 in a race to get 3 colored gems in Crash 2. It seemed like Jorvin was doomed from the start from signs of inexperience until his opponent failed multiple times at getting the blue gem by mysteriously breaking a crate somehow. Others in the call started to cheer for Jorvin in the what seemed to be a glimmer of hope. Crash41596 however managed to take the lead midway through Crash Dash and left Jorvin in the dust for the remainder of the match.

His second match was against a less experienced opponent, DessertMonkeyJK, to beat Ripper Roo with one Gem. Not surprisingly, he lost the match and was unable to get enough points to move on to Round 2.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 5 2 0 2 Group Stage
Total 2 0 2