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In the nine tournaments that have been held, competitors have played the various games the tournaments hold. From Spyro to Crash to R&C, each tournament has almost always been faithful with the original trilogy of each series.

Not counting any void matches and including the final match, the breakdown of each tournament with matches per game:

I'm A SpeedrunnerEdit

Spyro 1: 16 matches

Spyro 2: 8 matches

Spyro 3: 6 matches

I'm A Speedrunner 2Edit

Crash 1: 7 matches

Crash 2: 13 matches

Crash 3: 19 matches

Crash Team Racing: 6 matches

Crash Bash: 5 matches

Crash XS: 1 match

I'm A Speedrunner 3Edit

Spyro 1: 33 matches

Spyro 2: 30 matches

Spyro 3: 22 matches

Enter the Dragonfly: 1 match

A Hero's Tail: 1 match

A New Beginning: 1 match

I'm A Speedrunner 4Edit

Ratchet 1: 10 matches

Ratchet 2: 14 matches

Ratchet 3: 12 matches

Deadlocked: 1 match

I'm A Speedrunner 5Edit

Crash 1: 8 matches

Crash 2: 38 matches

Crash 3: 23 matches

Crash Team Racing: 3 matches

Crash Bash: 5 matches

Wrath of Cortex: 1 match

Crash Twinsanity: 1 match

Tag Team Racing: 1 match

I'm A Speedrunner 6Edit

Spyro 1: 38 matches

Spyro 2: 30 matches

Spyro 3: 15 matches

A Hero's Tail: 1 match

I'm A Speedrunner 8Edit

Gex 1: 8 matches

Gex 2: 41 matches

Gex 3: 11 matches

Gex 3 (GBA): 1 match

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