Mariojinn2 is an American speedrunner who competed in IAS 6. He is known for having the absolute worst editing of any competitor ever.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 6Edit

Mariojinn was brought into Group A as a replacement, and was with DavidLetsPlays, Manaidr and TehBrummieGamer. He first faced off against DavidLetsPlays in a Spyro 2 race to get 6 orbs and 1,000 gems (chitched). This is notable for having the aforementioned worst editing of a speedrun ever. Both competitors videos were cropped to a tiny square which made up about 20% of their actual footage and on top of that, there were no annotations noting whose video was on which side of the run. DavidLetsPlays won the match.

He then faced Manaidr in a race to get 15 orbs again in Spyro 2. He lost once again. Highlights included him dying after killing 10 "emenies" as he put it and him thinking that lizards with the bones were "genies".

Finally, Mariojinn faced TehBrummieGamer, yet again playing Spyro 2, in a race to get 1,000 gems (chitched... basically a repeat of his first speedrun sans the orb objective). He lost once again and was eliminated with no wins and 3 losses.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 6 3 0 3 Group Stage
Total 3 0 3