The end goal of every I'm A Speedrunner tournament is to narrow down the field from all the participating competitors to one eventual winner. In order to do this players are eliminated every Round until the Grand Final and the winner of that is declared the champion. That's not, however, to say that the other competitors in the final go home empty handed as the first three to complete the Grand Final Speedrun are given medals as proof of their accomplishment in the tournament; Gold, Silver and Bronze for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Typically three medals are awarded for any given tournament except for IASGMTTEOT, wherein only Gold and Silver were awarded as its final only had two competitors. Fourth and fifth placed individuals do not receive any sort of consolation prizes except for the knowledge that they made it as far as their respective tournament's Grand Final. 

Ratchet5 holds the record for  receiving the most amount of medals at 3. StanScooby545, ScourgeandMephiles93 and Gamesendy are the only speedrunners to reach it to a final and only finish in either 4th or 5th place.

The following table will display the medalists of each tournament and their respective medals.

Medal Competitor
IAS1GoldMedal LukeRF44
IAS1SilverMedal Cr4shJuh1s
I'm A Speedrunner 2
IAS2GoldMedal CrashBandiSpyro12
IAS2SilverMedal LukeRF44
IAS2BronzeMedal Random8127
I'm A Speedrunner 3
IAS3GoldMedal Crash41596
IAS3SilverMedal Ratchet5
IAS3BronzeMedal Mr100PercentGamer
I'm A Speedrunner 4
IAS4GoldMedal Mr100PercentGamer
IAS4SilverMedal Lapogne36
IAS4BronzeMedal AuronSuper95
I'm A Speedrunner 5
IAS5GoldMedal Samura1Man
IAS5SilverMedal RabidWombatJR
IAS5BronzeMedal MrFinlandboy
I'm A Speedrunner 6
IAS6GoldMedal RabidWombatJR
IAS6SilverMedal TheAFH013
IAS6BronzeMedal Ratchet5
I'm A Speedrunner 7
IAS7GoldMedal CrystalFissure
IAS7SilverMedal Zaydskate
IAS7BronzeMedal Ratchet5
I'm A Speedrunner 8
GoldRemoteFnl CrystalFissure
SilverRemoteFnl TheSubpixel
RedRemoteFnl Heydavid17
IAS? Nein!
IAS Nein 1st Place MrFinlandboy
IAS Nein 2nd Place Manaidr
IAS Nein 3rd Place Nintendogen64
I'm A Speedrunner 9
IAS 9 GoldMedal TheStickKid
IAS 9 SilverMedal SuperGhettoSandwich
IAS 9 BronzeMedal Supster131
I'm A Speedrunner 10
Abdul TheArabicGuy
IAS Invitational


As the I'm A Speedrunner is a global competition, people from all over the world have recieved medals.

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia Australia 4 2 4 10
2 UK24 United Kingdom 2 4 2 8
3= USA United States 2 1 1 4
3= Finland Finland 2 1 1 4
5 Israel Israel 1 1
6= France France 1 1
6= Ireland Ireland 1 1
6= United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 1 1
6= Canada Canada 1
10= Italy Italy 1 1
10= DK24 Denmark 1 1

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