Nintendogen64, (Also known as Angooze or Angus) joined YouTube on the 3rd of January 2010, however it wasn't until Ratchet5’s 13 hour stream that he joined the SpyroSpeedruns community. While talking to Ratchet5 on Skype in late November, he learned of the I'm A Speedrunner 3 tournament and decided to sign up. He had never done a speedrun before and so he would need to hone his skills if he were to stand any chance in the tournament.

His first speedrun in the community happened in early December when he faced Ratchet5 and CrashBandiSpyro12 in a Spyro 2 race to 8 orbs. However, he failed to do many simple glitches and inevitably lost the run. He faced Ratchet5 several times before the commencement of IAS 3, in such races as Spyro 1: Race to 1000 Gems, Crash 2: Race to Tiny with 5 Gems and Super Mario 64: Race to beat the first Bowser fight. This practice prepared him for IAS 3, which would be drawn in only a few weeks after he joined the community.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 3Edit

In I'm A Speedrunner 3, Nintendogen64 was drawn into Group B alongside LBPNews1 (who quit), CabooseMiller101 (who would be replaced by Mallqui123) and MeckleMisuer. Angus played two matches in Round 1 and won them both. He defeated MeckleMisuer in a Spyro 1 Race to 1000 Gems and defeated Mallqui123 in a Spyro 2 Race to 1000 Gems. He also beat muttly889, but the match was never uploaded, though according to Angus, it was a disaster. These three victories secured him a spot in Round 2 in which he would face the Group J runner-up Edophoenix92 in a Spyro 1 speedrun to complete the first three flight levels.

This match, however, almost did not take place as Edophoenix announced that he would drop out of the tournament. Angus then did a proxy match against CrystalFissure that would be uploaded if Edophoenix did not return. Angus lost to CrystalFissure but still had a chance to hold on to his tournament aspirations as Edophoenix returned just before the end of Round 2. Angus then defeated Edophoenix and moved onto the Quarter-Finals, where he would face the Frenchman Lapogne36. As the days drew on, Angus tried to convince tournament host Ratchet5 to replace Lapogne as he was rarely seen online. This failed and Angus had to pre-record his match for Lapogne which would be a race to defeat the first four bosses in Spyro 1. Angus lost this match and was eliminated from IAS 3. The next time that Angus would appear in a speedrun would be the Grand Final, in which he guest-commentated.

Participation in Crash DashEdit

MeckleMisuer decided that he would run his own tournament and Angus decided that he would sign up out of courtesy to his friend. Angus only competed in two Crash Bandicoot speedruns and lost them both to MeckleMisuer and Spikestuff95. He didn’t take these defeats lightly and caused drama and controversy in an attempt to quit the tournament saying that he didn’t want to waste his time losing to people. At the conclusion of his match with MeckleMisuer, he spent 17 minutes ranting about how he didn’t want to lose to people anymore and that he wanted to quit the tournament. He sent his video to Meckle and was confirmed to be out of the tournament.

Participation in the I'm A Speedrunner 4 and CBSpeedruns ControversyEdit

See IAS4 and CBSpeedruns Controversy

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 4Edit

Several months after the conclusion of IAS 3, Ratchet5 announced that he would be hosting a Ratchet and Clank speedrunning tournament. Out of commitment to the IAS series, Angus decided to sign up having not played a single Ratchet and Clank game prior to the tournament. Even though he was seemingly an underdog in the tournament he signed up anyway and was drawn into Group F with AntarticSpyro, ScourgeandMephiles93 and once again MeckleMisuer. Angus' first match of the tournament was against MeckleMisuer and was a Ratchet & Clank 2 speedrun to defeat the Thugs-4-Less leader. Angus lost this match as he died several times on Endako however there was still an opportunity for him to progress to Round 2 given that he defeats both AntarticSpyro and ScourgeandMephiles93. Angus' next match was against AntarticSpyro and was a Ratchet & Clank 1 race to acquire the Tresspasser. For most of this race Angus was ahead however he died on the Swingshot course on Aridia which gave AntarticSpyro time to catch up which she did. The race came down to just a few seconds between them but in the end AntarticSpyro won by just six seconds.

Having lost two matches it seemed as though Angus would be eliminated, however, MeckleMisuer defeated both AntarticSpyro and ScourgeandMephiles93 and Scourge had beaten AntarticSpyro. This meant that if Angus could secure a win against Scourge then Group F would go into a Triple Threat and the winner would join Meckle in Round 2. Angus finally raced ScourgeandMephiles93 (Andreas) in a race to 5 Gold Bolts in Ratchet & Clank 1. Andreas seemed quite formidible however Angus managed to steal the victory. This meant that Group F would enter a Triple Threat. The match would be a race to Blarg Station in Ratchet & Clank 1. Angus was looking strong going into this match but eventually Andreas won by only 10 seconds causing Angus and AntarticSpyro to be elminated from the tournament.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 5Edit

After quiting Meckle's CB Speedruns tournament, it seemed unikely that Angus would return for IAS 5. However, after much deliberation and persuasion from the likes of Ratchet5 and CrystalFissure, Angus decided that he would participate even though the chances of him performing decently were quite slim. During the Round 1 draw, Angus was placed in Group I alongside ThaRixer, Manaidr and That237Guy (formerly HelloJFinch). Group I seemed to be a lackluster Group in terms of skill as That237Guy and Manaidr had both been eliminated in Round 1 of IAS 2 and ThaRixer was known to be sub-par when it came to Crash Bandicoot speedrunning; it therefore seemed highly possible that Angus would make it into Round 2. Angus' first match of the tournament was against his good friend ThaRixer. The match needed to be redone twice though due to ThaRixer's mum disturbing him in the first run and Angus getting a glitch in the game that forced him to quit. They decided that they would do a re-do. During the second take, Angus was a level or so in front of ThaRixer when his mother once again came into is room and disturbed him. Due to ThaRixer restarting the match the first time, Angus decided that he too would allow for a re-do. The third time they did the match, Angus' father came into his room and disturbed him but Angus decided that he would give the win to ThaRixer as he deserved it.

Angus' second match for the tournament was against Manaidr. They decided to do a race in Crash Tag Team Racing, a game that Angus was completely unexperienced in. Manaidr ended up winning the match by a large margin as he had actually attempted a full speedrun of the game previously. Knowing that he was now eliminated from IAS 5, Angus went into his final match to try and redeem himself. He ended up defeating That237Guy by a large margin but he was still out of the tournament.

Angus returned, however, in Round 2 to guest commentate in several matches, most notoriously Crash41596's match against TheStickKid wherein Angus insulted TheStickKid's horrible speedrunning ability to the extent that TheStickKid quit the speedrun due to his anger. Throughout the remainder of the tournament, Angus guest commentated in matches and even edited AuronSuper95 vs ToddGamerPro, which was one of four Semi-Final matches. All in all, IAS 5 was a fairly unsuccessful tournament for Nintendogen64.

Participation in Spyro Skate TournamentEdit

While not an official I'm A Speedrunner tournament, SpyroJam86's Spyro Skate Tournament was run with many members of past IAS tournaments joining and many consider it to be a non-canonical tournament akin to the Grand Theft Auto Tournament or Crash Dash. The Spyro Skate Tournament was held between May and October 2011 and was built around the skateboarding challenges in Spyro 3. Instead of beating an opponent to an objective, SST required the competitors to do runs on the skateboarding challlenges and the players with the most points progressed through the tournament. Although many people signed up, the tournament had a very poor turnout which made it easy for Nintendogen to progress to the finals and eventually win the tournament as well as three SpyroJam T-shirts.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 6Edit

With the I'm A Speedrunner series coming full circle and returning to Spyro the Dragon speedrun tournaments, Angus' chances of progressing past Round 1, something that he hadn't done since I'm A Speedrunner 3, seemed quite promising. The Round 1 draw for I'm A Speedrunner 6 (IAS 6) or the third Spyro the Dragon Tournament occurred on the 10th of December. Angus had previously secured himself as a seed prior to IAS 6 and had chosen to be the seed for Group B as he had some luck with Group B in IAS 3. Spikestuff95, SpyroJam86 and Random8127 were drawn into Group B alongside Angus. The first speedrun for Group B featured Nintendogen64 squaring off against his one time rival Spikestuff95. The two were in Group B for MeckleMisuer's Crash Dash tournament and Angus caused some controversy by quiting the tournament and not sending his video to Spikestuff. The two had previously settled their differences and Angus scored an easy win over Spikestuff in a Spyro 1 speedrun to get 8 eggs and make it to the exit portal in Terrace Village.

For about a week or so, no Group B matches were uploaded or even done. However, when Angus went down to Sydney to meet his friend Ratchet5 in real life, four of the remaining five matches for Group B were completed. These included: Spikestuff95 vs Random8127 in a Spyro 1 race to enter Alpine Ridge in which Spikestuff easily won, Random8127 vs SpyroJam86 in a Spyro 1 race to get 25 dragons in which Random8127 won and SpyroJam86 vs Spikestuff95 in a Spyro 1 race to 25 dragons as well and Nintendogen64 vs Random8127 in a Spyro 1 race to get 5 eggs and get to Magic Crafters. The sixth and possibly final match that needed to be done was between SpyroJam86 and Nintendogen64 and was a race in Spyro 2 to get 10 orbs non-chitched. If Nintendogen64 was to win this match then SpyroJam86, Random8127 and Spikestuff95 would need to go to a Triple Threat where only the winner would proceed to Round 2.

Angus eventually managed to defeat SpyroJam meaning that he was undefeated in Round 1 and would go on to Round 2 as a seed. In Round 2, Angus raced TheLMan101. They did their race on New Year's Day 2012. However, the match wasn't uploaded until the 12th of April 2012. The race was to complete Icy Flight and Nintendogen managed to easily defeat TheLMan. After the match was recorded, Angus did the Round 3 draw for the tournament, drawing himself against PeteThePlayer. They did a race to beat all flights and get kissed by a fairy in the original Spyro the Dragon. Pete defeated Angus meaning that once again he would be eliminated in Round 3 of a Spyro tournament. Angus did some guest commentary in the grand final of IAS 6.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 7Edit

Angus opened his IAS 7 campaign by being placed in the Lilo and Stitch Group (Group L, later renamed Group Angus ft Finlandboy) alongside fellow Australian MrFraserFilms2009, MrFinlandboy and newcomer Instromation. Angus' first match and the first match of the Group was against Fraser and was a race in Muppet Monster Adventure to 100% the first level and collect the Ker-monster amulet. Nintendogen easily won this match and scored himself five points. His next race was against Finlandboy and was a race in Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten to collect one gold star from each challenge. Finlandboy was victorious however Angus had still scored enough points to progress to Round 2 with Instromation and Fraser doing their races too late to be counted for Round 2 contention. Much like in IAS 6, Angus did the draw for Round 2 drawing himself against long-time friend CrystalFissure.

The two decided to do a speedrun of a game that they were both equally inexperienced in. The speedrun was then decided to be a race in 102 Dalmatians for the PlayStation 1 to defeat Cruella for the first time. CrystalFissure came out victorious however the match was below the required time period for a Round 2 match however it was up to CrystalFissure if he wanted to do a rematch. CrystalFissure declined the option to do a rematch however agreed to Ratchet5's suggestion that he and Nintendogen64 should do a best 2 out of 3 series to determine the victor. They then did a race in Lilo and Stitch for their second match in what has become one of the most memorable and competitive matches of the tournament. The race went back and forth with both competitors looking like they were going to win. However, in the dying moments of the race to collect 13 Elvis Presley Records, CrystalFissure got a game over meaning that Nintendogen could easily collect the final records to win the speedrun. The third and final match of their series was a Monster's Inc speedrun which CrystalFissure would head into with a distinct advantage and needless to say he won the match seemingly eliminating Angus from the tournament and progressing through to Round 3.

However, as there was an odd amount of competitors, Ratchet5 set up an 18 Man speedrun which losers from Round 2 and players who scored at least 6 points in Round 1 could compete in. The top 3 of the run would then progress to Round 3. The race was in Toy Story 2 and although Angus had barely played the game before, he managed to achieve a fourth-place finish meaning that if someone were to drop out or fail to compete in Round 3 then Angus would be the first replacement, which funnily enough actually happened. MuddyMaestro was scheduled to compete MrFinlandboy however with the deadline for Round 3 in sight, Angus replaced Finlandboy's place and raced MuddyMaestro in a Lilo and Stitch speedrun to finish the level after Jumba. Nintendogen lead most of the race however he died just before completing Jumba which meant he had to restart the level, giving Muddy the advantage and the victory and eliminating himself from IAS 7 once again in Round 3.

However, as luck would have it, another "losers" speedrun was set up to grant two eliminated participants a spot in the semi-finals. The way the speedrun was set up was that eliminated Round 3 participants could choose between one of two speedruns and depending on which run they would choose would determine who the would face in the semi-finals. Angus entered the Toy Story Racer speedrun alongiside TheAFH013, but Al decided to no-show the race, meaning that was completely unopposed, therefore making his way into the Semi-Finals, where he would again lose to MuddyMaestro, this time in a Toy Story Racer speedrun. Angus then finished 3rd and last in the triple threat, but he was granted one more chance, as a replacement for Cypryssss, in a playoff against Ratchet5 for the last spot in the final. Angus just missed out on winning this race and was eliminated once and for all.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 8Edit

After the chaotic and lengthy I'm A Speedrunner 7, serious doubts were put in place as to whether or not there would be an I'm A Speedrunner 8. December 2012 came and went without any announcement of an IAS 8 and many assumed that it would not ever take place and that the series was over. In April 2013, however, former IAS winner, CrashBandiSpyro12 put up a poll asking viewers to vote for what they think IAS 8 should be. The Gex: The Gecko series won the vote but no action on creating the tournament was put into place. That was until Nintendogen64, CrystalFissure and TheAFH013 took it upon themselves to host the tournament, nearly two months after the voting video had been uploaded.

Although he had acted in somewhat of a hosting capacity since I'm A Speedrunner 5, this would be the first time that Angus would officially undertake the task of hosting and IAS tournament. In Round 1, he was drawn into Group D with Zaydskate, TheStickKid and Slodgeball. He defeated all three of them in Gex 2 and like in IAS 6, progressed to Round 2 without losing a single match. Things became slightly difficult at this point as he had proven his worth in Gex 2 his opponent, MuddyMaestro, thought that it would be slightly unfair if the two of them were to race in that game. As Muddy was a formidable Gex 1 speedrunner they decided that it would be best for them to do Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. With Nintendogen64 putting on a strong showing in Round 1, he looked to be almost a shoe-in to make it to the Grand Final, however, Muddy quelled his hopes by making short work of him in a Gex 3 speedrun to collect 40 Paw icons.

Much like IAS 7, Nintendogen64 had been eliminated from Round 2 with almost no chances of making his way back into the tournament. In Round 3, however, MuddyMaestro was drawn against former IAS host and long time friend of Nintendogen64, Ratchet5. The two raced in a lengthy Gex 2 speedrun, which Muddy had won by 26 seconds. Ratchet5 deemed this a tie and claimed that the two must have a rematch. Whether the 26 seconds was a tie or not didn't matter by this point as Ratchet5 won by a considerable margin in a Gex 2 rematch that has yet to be uploaded but none-the-less, he claimed his place in the Grand Final without any trouble. Or did he?

After reviewing the rules from previous IAS tournaments when it came to Draw times and rematches, Nintendogen64 discovered that the Draw time of 26 seconds had never been an official time and rather it was to be 16 seconds which would have seen Muddy win fair and square. He also determined that after he himself was granted a rematch in IAS 7 and went on to defeat CrystalFissure in Round 2 in a Lilo and Stitch speedrun they went on to do a third match thus making it a best 2 out of 3 scenario. After all of these facts Nintendogen64, CrystalFissure and TheAFH013 determined that the circumstances under which Ratchet5 had won were a bit, (pardon the pun) muddy and that as Muddy won the first match cleanly and Ratchet had won the second match cleanly that they should do a third match in order to determine the undisputed winner of the matchup. This match never took place as Muddy had to leave the competition due to personal reasons thus leaving Ratchet5 unopposed. It was then decided that Muddy would be replaced and to find his replacement a second Shaggin' Wagon needed to be commissioned. The competitors of this match would be MuddyMaestro's Round 2 opponent, Nintendogen64 and the losers from the original Shaggin' Wagon match, TheAFH013 and ShoReWol. Nintendogen64 won this match and then had to face Ratchet5 for the final spot in the Grand Final. After finding out the conclusion of the speedrun and that he would need to do another match, Ratchet5 quit the tournament; this left the original IAS host with a one tournament ban. 

With no other competition, Nintendogen64 received a bye for this match-up and made it into the Grand Final, for the first time in 6 tournaments. Six tournaments! The first time would not be a pleasant one, however, as he ended up coming 4th out of the 5 competitors that were taking place and was the last competitor to finish as CrashBandiSpyro12 gave up in the match. After 5 matches (one being a 2 and a half hour epic) and almost 2 months of competition, Nintendogen64 had finally accomplished a feat only few have, competing in a Grand Final of an ImASpedrunner competition and with IAS 9 on the horizon, which he would once again host, the future had never seemed brighter.

Participation in IAS? Nein!Edit

IAS? Nein! began on November 15, 2013. The original intention for Nintendogen64 was to host I'm A Speedrunner 9 as the successor tournament to IAS 8. Whilst in the process of setting up the tournament, Ratchet5 decided that nobody was to host a tournament if that individual wasn't him. In direct competition with IAS 9, which Angus was going to be a Pac-Man tournament, Ratchet5 created the 1998 theme tournament; IAS? Nein! the title being an acronym for Illegitimate Acquisition of Speedrunning? Nein! (No!). For a brief period of time it seemed that there would be two IAS tournaments running in tandem. However, due to his recognised status as host of IASGMTTEOT to I'm A Speedrunner 7 people sided with Ratchet5 over Nintendogen64 and it was determined that IAS? Nein! would become the official 9th IAS tournament. This event would then see a shift in what the historical continuity of the tournament series would be known as. Up until IAS? Nein!, the series had been the I'm A Speedrunner series as every tournament had been a continuitation of I'm A Speedrunner Get Me To The End Of There but since IAS? Nein! didn't have I'm A Speedrunner in its title but was still a continuation of IASGMTTEOT the series would be referred to from IAS? Nein! onwards as the IAS series rather than the I'm A Speedrunner series.

Initially Nintendogen64 wasn't going to join IAS? Nein! due to bad blood between him and Ratchet5, stemming from the IAS 8 Controversy however he eventually caved and signed up.

In Round 1 he was drawn in the Spyro 1 and Crash 3 group of IAS? Nein! along with MrFinlandboy, AntarticSpyro, KoopaXross (formerly ScourgeandMephiles93) and his brother NIN1OD0. His first match was against MrFinlandboy in N2O. They ended up finishing within 4 seconds of each other thus drawing and earning 3 points each. He then faced off against KoopaXross in Spyro 1 and won the match. Finally, he faced off against NIN1OD0 in a Banjo-Kazooie speedrun, which NIN1OD0 won. This left Nintendogen64 with 15 points from the round and granted him access to Round 2.

In Round 2, he was drawn against SuperGhettoSandwich whom he defeated in a Banjo-Kazooie speedrun. Atoning for his loss against NIN1OD0 in Round 1. In Round 3, Nintendogen64 faced off against Bionicle2809 in a rather entertaining Spyro 1 speedrun. Nintendogen64 won the match and moved on into Round 4 where he was supposed to meet TheAFH013 (this would be their first 1 on 1 encounter after appearing in 7 tournaments with each other). TheAFH013 withdrew from the tournament due to his apparently busy schedule so Angus ended up facing CrystalFissure in a Spyro 1 speedrun which Nintendogen64 won, moving him on to the Semi-Finals. The next opponent for Nintendogen was MuddyMaestro. The two had faced off in IAS 7 and IAS 8, however in every encounter Muddy had been the victor. They decided to do a speedrun to any% Spyro 1. Angus ultimately won this match marking the first time that he had beaten MuddyMaestro in the 4 encounters.

This victory would lead Angus into the IAS? Nein! grand final, marking his 2nd grand final appearance in 2 consecutive tournaments. The other 4 competitors were: MrFinlandboy (Nintendogen64's Round 1 opponent), SuperGhettoSandwich (Round 2 opponent), Manaidr (Nintendogen64's Round 1 opponent in IAS 5) and LukeRF44. For the first time ever, the Grand Final would not be one match but 3 matches of 3 different games turned into a medley. The first leg was Bug's Life followed by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and finally Crash 3. The winner ultimately was MrFinlandboy, Manaidr picked up 2nd place, SuperGhettoSandwich was 3rd and LukeRF44 did not compete. Angus was revealed by Al Molloy to have rigged the Round 3 draw as soon as he finished his run, thereby disqualifying him from the tournament.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 9Edit

Some time after the conclusion of IAS? Nein!, Nintendogen64 tried his hand at hosting another IAS tournament; along with Ratchet5, I'm A Speedrunner 9 was conceived and began on August 23, 2014. The tournament was to be an Argonaut tournament which saw Angus being drawn into Group E against DessertMonkeyJK, DigitalMasterpieces and Bionicle2809. For the first time since IAS 5, Angus failed to get past the group stage and ultimately lost to Bionicle2809 in a speedrun of Bionicle for the PS2, drew against DessertMonkey in Croc speedrun and lost to DigitalMasterPieces in a speedrun of Red Dog: Superior Firepower for the Sega Dreamcast.

At the conclusion of Round 1, Angus seemingly vanished from the tournament and had no further involvement in hosting it.

Participation in the IAS InvitationalEdit

After an absence from I'm A Speedrunner 10 and a hiatus of almost a year, Nintendogen64 returned to speedrunning in September 2015. He hosted yet another speedrunning tournament, the IAS Invitational Tournament. The tournament was designed to be an "All-Stars" tournament and featured only veterans of the IAS community. Nintendogen64 was drawn against former IAS Champion, Xindictive, in Round 1 and defeated him in a hard fought match. He then defeated KingEurope1 in Round 2 to progress to the finals to face MuddyMaestro. The match saw Nintendogen64 defeat MuddyMaestro in the finals of the tournament to become the IAS Champion for the first time in his speedrunning career.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Drawn Matches Lost Outcome Victory%
IAS 3 4 3 0 1 Quarter-Final 75%
IAS 4 4 1 0 3 Group Stage 25%
IAS 5 3 1 0 2 Group Stage 33.33%
IAS 6 5 4 0 1 Quarter-Final 80%
IAS 7 8 1 0 7 Semi-Final 12.5%
IAS 8 6 4 0 2 4th Place 66.67%
IAS? Nein! 9 6 1 2 Bronze 66.67%
IAS 9 3 0 1 2 Group Stage 0%
IAS Invitational 3 3 0 0 Gold 100%
RIP: Resurrected 4 3 0 1 Quarter-Final (Quit) 75%
ISGP 11 8 0 3 CSC 72.7%
Total 60 34 2 24 56.67%

Game StatisticsEdit

For "Best of X" matches, each match is counted individually. Matches involving multiple games are not counted.

Game Matches Wins Draws Losses Win%
Spyro 1 15 13 0 2 86.67%
Spyro 1 Japanese 1 1 0 1 100%
Spyro 2 8 5 0 3 62.5%
Spyro 3 1 1 0 0 100%
R&C 1 3 1 0 2 33.33%
R&C 2 1 0 0 1 0%
Crash 2 4 2 0 2 50%
Crash 3 1 1 0 0 100%
CTTR 1 0 0 1 0%
Crash Bandicoot: Race Against Time 1 1 0 0 100%
Muppet Monster Adventure 5 4 0 1 80%
Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten 1 0 0 1 0%
102 Dalmatians 1 0 0 1 0%
Lilo & Stitch 2 1 0 1 50%
Monsters, Inc. 1 0 0 1 0%
Toy Story 2 2 0 0 2 0%
Toy Story Racer 1 0 0 1 0%
Gex 2 5 4 0 1 80%
Gex 3 1 0 0 1 0%
N2O 1 0 1 0 0%
Banjo-Kazooie 2 1 0 1 50%
Bionicle (PS2) 1 0 0 1 0%
Croc 1 1 0 1 0 0%
Red Dog 1 0 0 1 0%

I'm A Speedrunner/IAS/R.I.P./ISGP Edit

I'm A Speedrunner 3
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Spyro the Dragon USMeckleMisuer Round 1 Collect 1000 Gems Won
Spyro 2 USMallqui123 Round 1 Collect 1000 Gems Won
Spyro the Dragon UKEdophoenix92 Round 2 Complete 3 Flight Levels Won
Spyro the Dragon FRLapogne36 Round 3 Defeat the First 4 Bosses Lost
I'm A Speedrunner 4
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Ratchet and Clank 2 USMeckleMisuer Round 1 Defeat the Thugs 4 Less Boss Lost
Ratchet and Clank UKAntarticSpyro Round 1 Collect the Trespasser Lost
Ratchet and Clank NOChaosstar Round 1 Race to 5 Gold Bolts Won
Ratchet and Clank NOChaosstarUKAntarticSpyro Round 1 Race to Blarg Station 2nd
I'm A Speedrunner 5
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Crash Bandicoot 2 DKThaRixer Round 1 Complete 8 Levels Lost
Crash Tag Team Racing USManaidr Round 1 Race to Happily Ever Faster  with all Tier 1 Vehicles Lost
Crash Bandicoot 2 UKThat237Guy Round 1 Collect 5 Grey Gems and 1 Coloured Gem Won
I'm A Speedrunner 6
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Spyro the Dragon AUSpikeStuff95 Round 1 Race to Exit Terrace Village with 8 Eggs Won
Spyro the Dragon AURandom8127 Round 1 Race to Get 5 Eggs and be in Magic Crafters Won
Spyro 2 USSpyroJam86 Round 1 Race to 10 Orbs [non-chitched] Won
Spyro the Dragon UKTheLman101 Round 2 Complete Icy Flight Won
Spyro the Dragon DEPeteThePlayer Round 3 Complete all Flights and get kissed by a fairy Lost
I'm A Speedrunner 7
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Muppet Monster Adventure AUMrFraserFilms2009 Round 1 100% Peacock Purgatory and unlock Kermonster Won
Winnie the Pooh: Kindergarten FIMrFinlandboy Round 1 Race to 6 Stars Lost
102 Dalmatians AUCrystalFissure Round 2  Beat 5 Levels Lost
Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise AUCrystalFissure Round 2 Collect 13 Elvis Records Won
Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island AUCrystalFissure Round 2 Race to 7 Bronze Medals Lost
Toy Story 2 UKZaydskate UKLyleBandicoot93
AUSlodgeball AURatchet5
AUFraser EEPlaysihull
Round 2: Shaggin' Wagon Beat the Mini-boss in Toy Barn Encounter 4th
Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise CAMuddyMaestro Round 3 Race to Beat Heiau Valley Lost
Toy Story Racer N/A Round 3: Losers' Speedrun Race to 15 Soldiers Won
Toy Story Racer CAMuddyMaestro Round 4 Beat 2 Rex Challenges Lost
Muppet Monster Adventure UKZayskate AURatchet5 Round 4: Triple Threat Collect 24 Muppet Tokens 3rd
Toy Story 2 AURatchet5 Round 4.5 Collect 4 Tokens in Al's Space Land Lost
I'm A Speedrunner 8
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Gex 2 AUTheStickKid Round 1 100% the First Area Won
Gex 2 UKZaydskate Round 1 Collect 3 Red Remotes in the Second Area Won
Gex 2 AUSlodgeball Round 1 Get 2 Gold Remotes Won
Gex 3 CAMuddyMaestro Round 2 Collect 40 Paw Icons Lost
Gex 2 LVShoReWol IETheAFH013 Round 3.5 100% Mao Tse Tongue and Frankensteinfeld Won
Gex 2 AUCrystalFissure UKTheSubpixel
DKHeydavid17 ILCrashBandiSpyro12                                                    
Grand Final Defeat Rez 4th
IAS? Nein!
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
N2O: Nitrous Oxide FIMrFinlandboy Round 1 Defeat the First Boss Drew
Spyro the Dragon NOKoopaXross Round 1 Collect 5 Eggs and Defeat Blowhard Won
Spyro the Dragon UKAntarticSpyro Round 1 Resue 30 Dragons Won
Banjo-Kazooie AUNIN1OD0 Round 1 Race to 100% Mumbo's Mountain Lost
Banjo-Kazooie UKSuperGhettoSandwich Round 2 Race to get all Jiggies in the first 2 Levels Won
Spyro the Dragon UKBionicle2809 Round 3 Race to 50 Dragons Won
Spyro the Dragon AUCrystalFissure

Round 4

Race to 100% the First 5 Bosses in Reverse Won
Spyro the Dragon CAMuddyMaestro Round 5 Race to Any% the game Won
Bug's Life, LoZ: OoT, Crash 3 FIMrFinlandboy USManaidr
Grand Final Beat The Tree, Meet Zelda, Any% (from 3rd warp room) 3rd
I'm A Speedrunner 9
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Croc 1 USDessertmonkeyJK Round 1 Collect 200 Crystals Drew
Bionicle: The Video Game UKBionicle2809 Round 1 Beat the 2nd Level Lost
Red Dog: Superior FirePower USDigitalMasterpieces Round 1 Beat the 1st Boss Lost
IAS Invitational Tournament
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Muppet Monster Adventure AUXindictive (TheStickKid) Round 1 Beat the 2nd Boss Won
Muppet Monster Adventure UKKingEurope1 Semi-Final 100% Peacock Purgatory Won
Muppet Monster Adventure CAMuddyMaestro Grand Final Beat the Ghoulfriend and collect 100 Coins Won
RIP: Resurrected
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Crash Bandicoot 2 USg4video5 Round 1 Beat Ripper Roo with the Blue Gem and the box gems from the first 2 levels Won
Crash Bandicoot: Race Against Time AUredward. Round 1 Beat Dingodile Won
Crash Bandicoot 3 AUXindictive Round 1 100% the first 2 Medieval levels and beat Dingodile Won
Crash Bandicoot 2 EEPlaysihull Round 2 Collect the Yellow Gem Lost
International Spyro Grand Prix
Game Opponent(s) Round Goal Result
Spyro 2 UKLukeRF44 Round 1 Collect all talismans in Summer Forest, buy climb and use it in all climb areas in Summer Forest Lost
Spyro 3 USg4video5 Round 1 Collect 20 Dragon Eggs and achieve the Sgt. Byrd Skill Point in Molten Crater Won
Spyro the Dragon AUDinoPony Round 1 30 Dragons and 100% Magic Crafters [Flights Banned] Won
Spyro 2 USKnightNC Round 1 Collect all talismans in Summer Forest, buy climb, complete Metro Speedway (only by collecting Orbs in Autumn Plains), complete Flag Keeper Orb in Scorch Won
Spyro 1 Japanese USDessertMonkeyJK Round 1 I.S.G.P. Race Won
Spyro 2 UKNewantox Round 1 Kill all enemies in 3 levels in Summer Forest, kill all enemies in 3 levels in Autumn Plains and collect 10 Orbs (only from Autumn Plains) [Climb Skip Banned] Lost
Spyro 2 CAMuddyMaestro Round 1 Collect all talismans and 30 Orbs [2 must be Headbash Orbs in Autumn Plains] Won
Spyro the Dragon UKJames Jones Round 1 I.S.G.P. Race Won
Spyro the Dragon USX-Cal Round 1 20 Dragons and 7 Eggs Won
Spyro 2 IETheAFH013 Round 2 Collect as many Orbs as possible in 1 hour starting at Winter Tundra and collecting at least 2 orbs from each Winter Tundra level [All Abilities] Won
Spyro 2 USg4video5 LVBaronzef Crassic Speedrunning Championship Defeat Gulp [All abilities and every 2nd level must be 100% completed] 3rd


If you've competed in as many I'm A Speedrunner tournaments as Nintendogen64, the chances are that you're bound to be facing off against the same competitor multiple times in multiple IAS tournaments. This is indeed the case and this section will be listing off all of those opponents that Nintendogen64 has squared off against more than twice and his performances against them.

  • Note: Wins or Losses denote whether Nintendogen64 won or lost.
Tournament Won Lost Round
IAS 4 X Round 1 (Group F)
IAS 4 X Round 1 (Triple Threat)
IAS? Nein! X Round 1 (Group A)
Tournament Won Lost Round
IAS 4 X Round 1 (Group F)
IAS 4 X Round 1 (Triple Threat)
IAS? Nein! X Round 1 (Group A)
Tournament Won Lost Round
IAS 7 X Round 3
IAS 7 X Round 4
IAS 8 X Round 2
IAS? Nein! X Round 5
IAS Invitational X Grand Final
ISGP X Round 1 (Group B)
Tournament Won Lost Round
IAS 7 X Round 2
IAS 7 X Round 2
IAS 7 X Round 2
IAS 8 X Grand Final
IAS? Nein! X Round 4
Tournament Won Drew Lost Round
IAS 7 X Round 1 (Group A)
IAS? Nein! X Round 1 (Group A)
IAS? Nein! X Grand Final
Tournament Won Drew Lost Round
IAS 8 X Round 1 (Group D)
IAS Invitational X Round 1
R.I.P.: Resurrected X Round 1 (Group G)
Tournament Won Drew Lost Round
R.I.P.: Resurrected X Round 1
ISGP 2018 X Round 1
ISGP 2018 X Crassic Speedrunning Championship



  • Angus's hair
  • "AngoozeFood"
  • Angooze approves
  • Global Angooze


  • Nintendogen64's first ever speedrun was a Crash Bandicoot 2 speedrun with Ratchet5.
  • In I'm A Speedrunner 6, the final video to be uploaded on the account was Nintendogen64 vs TheLMan101.
  • In I'm A Speedrunner 3, Nintendogen64 did a Round 2 race with CrystalFissure, in which he lost. However the match was declared null as Nintendogen64's original Round 2 opponent turned up just before Round 2 ended.
  • Nintendogen64 entered I'm A Speedrunner 7 under the name IASR6, which was the channel that I'm A Speedrunner 6 was held on.
  • Nintendogen64 is one of a select group of people to do a draw for an I'm A Speedrunner tournament
  • Nintendogen64 has faced off against MuddyMaestro a total of 6 times between IAS 7 and the 2018 International Spyro Grand Prix. The duo are even at 3 wins apiece.