Meeeeee D by crashrule1

The face everyone makes when they quit a race

Within the majority of speedruns, not many people have wanted things to happen within particular ways. However, those who have been pushed to the limit have ended up decided to quit their speedrun; mainly resulting in them raging at the same time which may or may not recall within them before they decide to quit the speedrun.

This is also a remainder by others to not take these matches seriously; or suffer the ear-raping consequences and the fact that the skype call is being recorded.

Famous Quitters / Rage QuittersEdit

CrashBandiSpyro12's "WHERE IS THE EGG?" Rage01:57

CrashBandiSpyro12's "WHERE IS THE EGG?" Rage

  • AuronSuper95 has been known in his quitting of speedruns due to his bad luck within them or not being able to win against the other players. This has resulted him in not sending in his videos but then generally doing so afterwards to not making the video a void
  • CrashBandiSpyro12 has been one of the first rage-quitters in general of his reactions towards a speedrun within Spyro 1 to find a missing egg. He stated that he lost the speedrun due to not being able to find that egg and that the other speedrunners didn't help him. He has also raged in other speedruns but not as loud and annoyed as that speedrun in general
  • TheStickKid has been infamously known for his massive rage within IAS 5 for his constant losing in Crash 2. This has been known for one of the biggest rages in Speedrun history and has been known for when TheStickKid turned Super Sayian.

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