Saggers has got a gun is a parody of a similar song, Janie's got a gun by Aerosmith. Similar to At least I'm not as bad as Saggers, it covers events that occurred during Round 1 in I'm A Speedrunner 3 with Saggers as the star. Unlike said song, nobody made a comeback.


Saggers, what have you done?
Have you just killed someone?
Because you lost in the speedrun?
'cause you didn't get past Round 1?

Saaagggg Saaaaggggg Saaaagggggg
Saaaaggggg Saggggggg Saggggggg
Saaaggggg Saaaaggg Saagggggg
Saaaaggg Saagggg Saaaaaaaaaaaaggggg

Saggers has got a gun
Saggers has got a gun
He lost in the speedrun
Now he's taking it out on everyone

What did Dusan do?
You shot him cause you didn't get through?

They say when Saggers lost the speedrun,
he was winging for a rematch
he said his video got deleted
and he used the excuse was busy with a Christmas Bash

Saggers got a gun
Now he's murdered John
Christian is on the run
Max is dialling 9-1-1

Tell me that it isn't true
Now what did your hard drive do?

He says he doesn't care about the tournament of Ratchet and Clank
But you know when come April he will beg and plead and ask
Until we realise that he is insane

Run away, run away from the saggy tits
Run away-run away from the saggy tits
Run away, Run away, Run away

Saggers has got a crossbow
say goodbye to the YouTube CEO
Now he's shot CrashBandiSpyro
Ah lapogne's been capped oh no!

You know you just killed Andrew?
This isn't Modern Warfare 2

They said when Saggers was arrested, he bribed the cops with partnership
And that he escaped the prison with helium balloons which he blew up with his own voice

Run Away, Run away from the famous Lper
Run Away, Run away from the famous Lper
Run Away, Run Away, Run Away

Saggers has got a gun
Saggers has got a gun
Saggers has got a gun
Speedruns are no longer fun

Saggers has got a gun
His killing spree has just begun
Rabid is the next one
on Sagger's list of fun

Saggers has got a gun
If only he had won the speedrun
Now he's killed everyone
Saggers has got a gun

Sag Sag Sag Sag

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