Spyro 2 is a game in the Spyro series. The game is ran at every Spyro tournament and is commonly played during those Tournaments

Known chitchesEdit


Summer ForestEdit

Getting the orb in the area with Sunny Beach and Hurricos - To get the orb on the ledge high above the portals without using the ladder near Elora, go back to the area with the Glimmer portal. There is a small lake at the far right side of the portal where you go down to collect the orb near the Colossus portal. Instead of diving down, place yourself where the water meets the ground at the right side of the lake and wait for it to rise to its highest. As soon as it is at its peak, charge into the ground. This might take a few tries but if done right will push Spyro out of the lake and allow him to swim in the air. Then simply charge-swim over to where the orb is.

Getting into Aquaria Towers without paying Moneybags - To do this chitch, first collect every talisman bar Aquaria Towers. Go to where the portal to Ocean Speedway is and open the door with the switch. Stand in the left window and double jump onto the wall surrounding the portal to Aquaria Towers. Be careful though, if you do not have all the talisman, Spyro won't automatically teleport to Elora meaning he'll be stuck there unless the game is restarted.

Getting the orb on the ledge above Colossus without swimming - Go to where Hunter's jumping challenge is. You don't actually have to finish the challenge but make your way anyway across the platforms. At the last platform where he would give you the orb, stand at the very edge of the platform, facing where the orb is. Double jump, glide and hover to collect it. This is however a long jump and you may be in risk of not reaching the ledge.

Skip having to buy swim to advance deeper into the homeworld - Normally, you'd have to buy swimming in order to progress through the castle. However, there is a way to skip it, although it is not recommended since later levels require you to learn the move. On the platforms in Hunter's challenge, make your way to the platform that has steps in it, the last one before the last big jump. You should almost be able to jump out of the homeworld into the great below. Stand on the top step and double jump across the wall. Quickly turn left and glide over to the circular area with the water in the middle.


Skipping Moneybags - Moneybags stands before the bridge in the cave. There are four ways in total to skip him. The first way is simply double jumping over the gap, glide and hover, the second is double jumping onto the cliff to the left of the cave, the third is double jumping onto the hills at the beginning of the level and dropping down wherever you wish and the fourth one is jumping onto the big green gem where a lizard is chasing a Gem Cutter and double jumping up onto the small alcove where you can do the first lamp challenge and then using the flying power-up to fly across the cave. Remember to collect enough souls.

Getting up the ladder without climb - It is possible to 100% the level without buying climb. In the cave you see a ladder leading up to a small alcove. There are some gems there and a Gem Cutter and a flying power-up. To get up there, double jump on the big gem below (where the Gem Cutter is chasing the lizard) and double jump again up to the alcove. You still need the required number of souls to activate the power-up.


Skip the second chanting monk - The second monks chants something and rises the big statue to let you pass. To speed things up a bit, double jump up onto the cliffs to his right and again onto the higher cliffs containing a goat, yak and a statue.


Getting the machine orb faster - From the start of the level, double jump up to the ledge near the first enemy, the left side of the gate coming from the start of the level. Double jump up again to the next ledge with a skill point windmill. Turn to face the wall with the three platforms that periodically pull themselves into the building. Quickly make it across this gap and hit the switch. Getting the talisman faster - Continue on from the example above and onto the railing. Here you can glide down to the last area of the level, where you'll find the talisman room. You could actually just find the diode and shut down the electric fence, but glitching would cut off a few seconds. Stand on the railing and face the building. Double jump up to the roof and walk until you fall through. Make sure you carefully glide into the talisman room and not into the great below. You can still walk through the electric fence, but have to find the diode to get back into the room.

Sunny BeachEdit

Skipping the first gate - At the start of the level, you have to flame a turtle to get it to stand on the switch that opens the door for the baby turtles. You can skip that by jumping onto the big turtle and double jumping over the gate.

Getting the gems on the ledge - In the second room of the level, there is a ledge with a turtle box. You can double jump from there to get to the gems on the ledge you normally need climb for.

Aquaria TowersEdit

Baby Seahorse orb - Go to where Hunter's manta ray challenge is. Press up until Spyro is face-down in the ground. Charge and hold down up and left and Spyro will slowly "exit" the level. You are now free to go wherever you like. To get the orb for the baby seahorses without visiting all of the towers, find the room where you exited the submarine and simply charge through the wall to enter the level into the tower. You will automatically be teleported to the seahorse king to claim your orb.

Crush's DungeonEdit

Getting into Crush's Dungeon early - There are two popular methods of gaining entry into Crush's Dungeon early on:

In Summer Forest activate the swimming-in-the-air glitch (see above) and simple swim into the hole.

In Summer Forest, jump up onto the wall surrounding Aquaria Towers and double jump up through the roof and glide into the hole.

Autumn PlainsEdit

Skip having to buy climb to get into the castle - This one is a little tricky to pull of, so be careful. Go to the Zephyr portal and jump onto the wall surrounding the courtyard. Charge to the end where you can break the wall to get an orb. Standing at the edge of the wall, double jump and hover to reach one of the archways. Walk to the highest point of the archway, double jump and glide to reach a green sloped roof (land on the farther sloped side). Double jump up onto the second archway, follow it to the end and drop down onto the ledge (be careful not to fall back down into the courtyard or any of the ledges required for climb.)

Skelos BadlandsEdit

Getting to the Catbat area without traversing the level - At the start, find the large bones you can climb (where the last magic jar appears). Stand on the first bone and double jump behind you to reach the Catbat area.

Crystal GlacierEdit

Skip thawing the Icemen 1 - At the start of the level, stand at the very tip of the bone and double jump across the large gap.

Skip thawing the Icemen 2 - You can stand on the large left bone and double jump up the wall.

Skip Moneybags - In the ribcage, stand between the third and fourth bone and double jump onto the huts entrance. From there, double jump and glide into the house where Zoe is.

Skip thawing the Icemen 3 - Make your way up the slope where the boulder is. There should be a small alcove you can land in. Double jump from the and land in the talisman house.

Breeze HarbourEdit

Getting to the talisman by skipping the level - Stand where the first seagull is and double jump onto the ship. You can turn on the fire to lift the ship normally or you can double jump onto the roof of the ship and jump again to the talisman platform.

Getting onto the trolley tracks - In the area with the first turret, double jump up to where the chest is. Double jump again from there onto the trolley tracks.


Seed challenge made easier

Skip having to blow the first door up - You can skip the door where the Landblubber is trying to shoot the bird. Jump up to the chest, double jump and glide until you land in the caves.

Getting to the last turret - In the last area where you have to blow the talisman house up, you can simply double jump up to the turret for shortcut.


Skipping the level - In the first area, make your way to the flag button. Flame it if you want to. There is a high ledge slightly above the flag post you can reach by double jumping. The area contains a lot of explosive flasks. From the other end of the area you can double jump into the palace to skip the level.

Fracture HillsEdit

Getting into the temple without freeing any satyrs

Freeing the faun in the temple without going all the supercharge route

Magma ConeEdit

Skip Moneybags for the elevator

Getting to the talisman without using the elevator

Winter TundraEdit

Get into the wall area without headbash

Swimming in the air

Cloud TemplesEdit

Skip killing the first evil wizard

Bell challenge made easier - This one doesn't need much explaining. You don't need to freeze all of the creatures when you can simply double jump.

Robotica FarmsEdit

Getting to the talisman quicker


Getting to the talisman quicker

Ripto's ArenaEdit

Getting into Ripto's Arena without 40 orbs