Spyro the Dragon is a PlayStation game developed by Insomniac Games, and released in 1998.

In Stores Edit

You can buy this on eBay or Amazon at a low price on the PSX. You can also download it on the PlayStation Store.

Speedrun Guide Edit

Artisans 1: NEVER free Nestor. First, rescue Delbin. Then go to Sunny Flight

Sunny Flight: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Artisans 2: Grab gems in the central area then go to Stone Hill

Stone Hill: Ignore the thief and the top hills section.

Artisans 3: Grab gems in the Tower Hill area then go to Town Square

Town Square: 100%

Artisans 4: NO Dark Hollow or Toasty! Go STRAIGHT to Peace Keepers!

PeaceKeepers 1: Go to Dry Canyon.

Dry Canyon: Get all dragons, 1 egg

PeaceKeepers 2: Go To Cliff Town

Cliff Town: Do the building scrape glitch and get the 25-gem and Egg

PeaceKeepers 3: GO TO ICE CAVERN!

Ice Cavern: 100%

PeaceKeepers 4: Go To Doctor Shemp

Doctor Shemp: 100%

PeaceKeepers 5: Get the thief first before going to Magic Crafters.

MagicCrafters 1: Go to High Caves and get Thief at the start. You should have 5 eggs at this point.

High Caves: Get 1 thief.

MagicCrafters 2: Grab gems on the way to Wizard Peak.

Wizard Peak: You should have at least 4000 gems by the time the level is done.

MagicCrafters 3: Go to Blowhard

Blowhard: 100%

MagicCrafters 4: Ensure you have 4400 gems before going to Beast Makers.

BeastMakers 1: Skip Terrace Village, Go to Wild Flight

Wild Flight: Any order

BeastMakers 2: Go to Misty Bog

Misty Bog: 100%

BeastMakers 3: You NEED 5100 gems by now!

Tree Tops: 100%

BeastMakers 4: Grab some more gems on the way to Metal Head.

Metalhead: 100%

BeastMakers 5: Go to Dream Weavers

DreamWeavers 1: If you don't have 6000 gems by now, get them and go IMMEDIATELY TO GNASTY WORLD!

GnorcGnexus 1: Rescue Delbin (again)

Gnorc Cove: Skip Level

GnorcGnexus 2: Go to Twilight Harbour

Twilight Harbour: Ignore everything and get to the exit.

GnorcGnexus3: Go to Gnasty!

Gnasty Gnorc: Toast him!