Stickkid Goes Super Saiyan
IAS5 - Round 2 Parody - Stickkid Goes Super Saiyan00:36

IAS5 - Round 2 Parody - Stickkid Goes Super Saiyan

Based on

Crash41596 vs TheStickKid - IAS 5, Dragonball Z

Tournament Debut

I'm A Speedrunner 5

During a Round 2 match between Crash41596 and TheStickKid in I'm A Speedrunner 5, TheStickkid ragequit in a vocal manner after dying repeatedly in the first Warp Room in Crash 2. This became a well known highlight which eventually resulted in a parody known as "Stickkid Goes Super Saiyan" based on Dragonball Z due to the sustain outburst.

This understandably upset TheStickKid so much that he temporarily took his YouTube channel offline for several months. He returned to doing IAS tournaments in IAS 8 and is still competing in IAS to this day.

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