The I'm A Speedrunner 3 talkshow podcasts were uploaded in video form on the SpyroSpeedruns YouTube channel separate from the dedicated tournament channel.

Podcast 1 - December 15, 2010Edit

Spyro Tournament(IAS3) Talkshow - 15 12 201017:03

Spyro Tournament(IAS3) Talkshow - 15 12 2010

The first I'm A Speedrunner Talkshow takes place early in Round 1 of I'm A Speedrunner with the host and guests discussing who should be given each award. As not many matches have been uploaded at the time it was recorded, some awards are given based only on publicly uploaded matches while others are given based on competitor participation.

Another thing that is discussed is predictions on who would most likely win IAS 3 which gets brought up in a future talkshow.


  • Most Exciting Match: Spyro 2 Race to 12 Orbs
  • Most Proactive Player: Yogamoanyo
  • Most Boring Match: Dr. Shemp vs Gamerlp1
  • Biggest Fail:  Crystalfissure missing a train
  • Most Unexpected Victory/Loss: TheAFH013/Ratchet5
  • Fastest Runner: LukeRF44
  • Slowest Runner: LBPNews1
  • Most Proactive Group: Group A
  • Laziest Group: Group L
  • Group of Death: Group G

Podcast 2 - December 21, 2010Edit

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) - Talkshow - 21 12 201016:12

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) - Talkshow - 21 12 2010

As the second talkshow recorded during Round 1 of IAS 3, competitors that qualified for the next round as well as the ones eliminated are noted as an addition to the awards.

A new award known as "The Machine King" award makes its first appearance based based on the competitor it was named after, TheMachineKing, who was caught cheating in all three of his Round 1 matches. This award makes future appearances given to the competitors who had the "Biggest Fail".


  • Most Exciting Match: Mr100PercentGamer vs TheStickKid
  • Most Proactive Player: RabidWombatJR, TheMachineking, TheStickKid, MrThingus
  • Most Boring Match: Anything from Group Dull
  • Most Unexpected Victory: RabidWombatJR vs TealGameMaster
  • Fastest Runner: Lapogne36
  • Slowest Runner: MrFraserFilms2009
  • Most Proactive Group: Group I, Group L
  • Laziest Group: Group C
  • "The Machine King" - Biggest Fail: TheMachineKing cheated on all 3 of his matches

Podcast 3 - December 24, 2010Edit

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) - Podcast Show - 24 12 201019:36

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) - Podcast Show - 24 12 2010

Not much different from prior talkshows with awards and discussions who will qualify for Round 2. One thing to note is that only one match was uploaded since the last talkshow.


  • Most Exciting Match: NIN1OD0 vs Mr100PercentGamer
  • Most Proactive Player: Crash41956
  • Most Boring Match: Ratchet5 vs CrashTheHedgehog
  • "The Machine King" - Biggest Fail: CrashTheHedgehog
  • Most Unexpected Victory/Loss: Ratchet5 vs CrashTheHedgehog
  • Most Unfair Loss:CrashBandiSpyro 12 vs CrashTheHedgehog
  • Fastest Runner: ZepplinG1993
  • Slowest Runner: Zanar
  • Most Proactive Group: Group K
  • Laziest Group: Group H

Podcast 4 - December 29, 2010Edit

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show - 29 12 201020:21

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show - 29 12 2010

Nearing the end of Round 1, the majority of the talkshow is spent on predicting who would win in each of the remaining matches while the awards are swiftly given out.


  • Most Exciting Match: Group G Triple Threat
  • Most Proactive Player: SpyroJam86
  • Most Boring Match: Bionicle2809 vs Neobrio325
  • Most Unexpected Victory/Loss: TheAFH013 vs CrashBandiSpyro12 (Group G Triple Threat)
  • Fastest Runner: Lapogne36
  • Slowest Runner: ImNotADoctor5
  • Most Proactive Group: Group C
  • Laziest Group: Group D
  • "The Machine King" - Biggest Fail: CrashBandiSpyro12

Podcast 5 - January 1, 2011Edit

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show - 1 1 201119:39

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show - 1 1 2011

Aside from the awards, this is one of the more controversial centric involving the match of TheAFH013 vs Crash41596 in which a glitch occurred near the end of the match. This caused TheAFH013 to lose the match when he was leading the majority of the time.

This is the match that spurred the Draw rule to compensate for unforeseen events like this.


  • Most Exciting Match: LukeRF44 vs. Mr100PercentGamer
  • Most Boring Match: TheAFH013 vs. Crash41596
  • "The Machine King" - Biggest Fail: ScourgeandMephiles93 failing at swimming in the air
  • Most Unfair Loss: TheAFH013 losing against Crash41596.
  • Fastest Runner: Mr100PercentGamer
  • Slowest Runner: ScourgeandMephiles93

Podcast 6 - January 10, 2011Edit

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show 10 1 201113:43

Spyro Tournament (IAS3) Podcast Show 10 1 2011


Podcast 7 - January 17, 2011Edit

IAS3 (Spyro the Dragon Tournament) Podcast Show 17 1 1116:02

IAS3 (Spyro the Dragon Tournament) Podcast Show 17 1 11


  • Most Exciting Match: Nintendogen64 vs. Elvisman2000
  • Most Boring Match: Crash41596 vs. TealGameMaster
  • "The Machine King" - Biggest Fail: TealGameMaster dying too many times on Spike
  • Most Unfair Loss: Nintendogen64 losing against Lapogne36
  • Fastest Runner: Lapogne36
  • Slowest Runner: TealGameMaster
  • Funniest Match: Nintendogen64 vs. Lapogne36
  • Most Serious Business Match: ZeppelinG1993 vs. Ratchet5

Podcast 8 - February 28, 2011Edit

IAS3 Predictions and Results30:35

IAS3 Predictions and Results

In this podcast, Nintendogen64 goes over predictions made for each competitor before and after the tournament. Predictions were made by Ratchet5 on December 10, 2010 and showed how he thought each competitor would do in the tournament.

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