Podcast 1 - July, 2012Edit

The Disney Tournament (IAS7) Talkshow - 12 7 2012 (400th VIDEO SPECIAL)19:45

The Disney Tournament (IAS7) Talkshow - 12 7 2012 (400th VIDEO SPECIAL)

See also The CityRuler1 Controversy for more information following this talkshow.

With the new tournament up and running, talkshows were pretty much expected to make a return, though nobody saw coming what was uploaded as the first and only episode of the I'm A Speedrunner 7 talkshow.

It began with the trio lamenting about how nobody was doing their matches, and how the tournament had seemed to be a complete waste of time. They went through the usual procedure of predicting who would make it through to Round 2, with a very negative attitude towards it.

During the awards section, the majority were given out to CityRuler1, most notably the Slowest Runner award, the Biggest Retard award, and the Fastest Runner award.

Nearing the episodes closure, CrystalFissure began senselessly mashing buttons on his controller, much to the annoyance of Andrew and Angus, who claimed that he was just doing it to "piss them off" and that the talkshow was now ruined because of him.

The talkshow concluded with CrystalFissure asking the all important question, "What's more important, this talkshow or Crash Bandicoot Tiny?". Fissure believed it to be Tiny, but Angus strongly disagreed.

The entire episode was in fact a joke/parody, and not intended to be taken seriously. Although, of course, there were a few people who took it very seriously indeed...

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