There were not many talkshows in IAS? Nein!, with only 2. The majority of the tournament had more update videos then talkshows as a whole. The talkshow videos appeared on the tournament channel itself rather than SpyroSpeedruns.

Podcast 1 - November 16, 2013Edit

IAS? Nein! Talkshow - 16 11 2013

IAS? Nein! Talkshow - 16 11 2013

Host: MrGamesendy

Guests: Ratchet5, TheMachineKing, NoVaX9000 & CherokeeGuy45

Unlike other talkshows, there were no awards discussed. Instead, the talkshow was focused on the traditional round predictions. NoVaX9000 remained quiet the majority of the talkshow and had little to say in terms of predictions.

The following table shows the competitors predicted by the majority of the participants in the talkshow to advance to Round 2 and the actual results.

Group Predictions Outcome
Group A Nintendogen64, MrFinlandboy, KoopaXross Nintendogen64, MrFinlandboy, NIN1OD0
Group B TheMachineKing, NoVaX9000, PinstripeParagon Th3AustralianGam3r, NoVaX9000, TheMachineKing
Group C LukeRF44, DigitalMasterpieces, CrashBandiSpyro12 Disbanded due to inactivity
Group D Manaidr, SuperGhettoSandwich, KingEurope1 Manaidr, LukeRF44, SuperGhettoSandwich
Group E TheSubpixel, PirateFilms95, MrFraserFilms2009 Bionicle2809, TheSubpixel, KingEurope1
Group F CrystalFissure, Ratchet5, TheStickKid CrystalFissure, TheStickKid, Ratchet5
Group G TheAFH013, MrEddy1667ful, ShoReWol Johnny Natrium, TheAFH013, MrEddy1667ful
Group H MrGamesendy, MuddyMaestro, Mowmowclub2 Abdul TheArabicGuy, MrGamesendy, MuddyMaestro
Predictions correct
Group Rank Match 2-1-N/A-0-1-0-0-0 4
Competitor Match 2-2-N/A-2-1-3-2-2 13

Podcast 2 - Febuary 1, 2014Edit

IAS? Nein! Talkshow - 2 1 2014

IAS? Nein! Talkshow - 2 1 2014

Host: Ratchet5

Guests: MrGamesendy, TheStickKid & MuddyMaestro

Similarly to the previous talkshow, there were no awards given to competitors here, but instead the talkshow was about Round 3 predictions. It's also noted that a talkshow between this and the previous one was recorded but never uploaded to the tournament channel.