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I'm A Speedrunner is about a competitive speedrunning tournament series of the same name. It's main goal is to document any and all relevant topics and events and to become the ultimate place for all things I'm A Speedrunner.

We currently stand at 250 articles and 4 active users since January 21, 2011
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IAS3 - Keep on Runnin' (5ive - Keep on Moving Parody)03:15

IAS3 - Keep on Runnin' (5ive - Keep on Moving Parody)

Keep on Runnin' was the first parody video uploaded to the ImASpeedrunner channel by Mr100PercentGamer.

Read more about Keep on Runnin'

Proactive (Radioactive Parody)03:10

Proactive (Radioactive Parody)

Fun stuff
Did you know Community poll
*Zaydskate is the first Muslim to compete in an IAS Grand Final?
  • From IAS 3 to IAS 7, the current IAS champion either didn't compete at all, or didn't compete beyond Round 1?
  • CherokeeGuy45 became the first competitor to use a facecam in his speedruns in IAS? Nein!?
What game will be played the most in RIP:Resurrected?

The poll was created at 23:04 on May 5, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.

Have an idea for a new poll? Submit it on the community poll talk page!

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Around the community

  • Morgan Avery

    New Badges.

    May 1, 2017 by Morgan Avery

    For some reason, the competitors edit track badges weren't enabled. I've enabled them now, so there are 8 more badges to get.

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    Greetings editors of the wiki, today I felt like talking about this handy option available that allows for editing articles without using the edit button. This is more or less a tutorial on how to do this if you wish to do so.

    You're probably familia…

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  • Dessertmonkeyjk

    Hey, it's me again and I felt like talking about something fun. As the main I'm A Speedrunner tournament series is coming to a close with the supposedly last one being IAS 10, I was pondering on what happens after that. Do such Multi-Single Speedrun…

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World Speedrunning Championship

The current World Speedrunning Champion is Nintendogen64 who has held the championship for 596 Days.




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