A tournament host is an individual that oversees the overall operation of how a tournament is conducted. They are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that competitors are doing their matches, enforce the rules, and have the final say on making or modifying said rules for a tournament with input from community members.

This role has been present ever since the first I'm A Speedrunner tournament. While its overall purpose remained the same, the definition and responsibility of tournament hosts has evolved over time to what it is today. 

Roles of a Tournament HostEdit

These hosts may take on one or more roles during a tournament but are generally held responsible for all of them. They do not have to fill all these roles but can use them when the need arise and there is a good chance it will for each tournament.

The many roles of a host are:

  • Rule Keeper - Upholds the rules of the tournament.
  • Rule Maker - Decides on rules for the tournament either with other hosts or community members.
  • Match Overseeer - Messages people, sorts out dropouts & replacements and other things such as moving people from one Group to another or organising pre/post-recordings.
  • Public Speaker - Making public announcement videos such as sign ups, draws, updates or other tournament-related announcements. 

Backseat HostingEdit

While the hosts are responsible for the smooth operation of a tournament, competitors can also assist with these roles of their own accord. This is fine and in fact can be considered helpful for the acting hosts of a tournament

If competitors however start to overstep their authority of the hosts and start imposing rules, this could lead them to being penalized in some manner as determined by said acting host(s). This can be considered "backseat hosting" and may lead to unwanted drama and confusion. 

Tournament Host HistoryEdit

The following table shows a record of the hosts for all I'm A Speedrunner tournaments to date.

Tournament Hosts
IAS 1 Mr100PercentGamer & Ratchet5
IAS 2 Ratchet5
IAS 3 Ratchet5
IAS 4 Ratchet5
IAS 5 Ratchet5
IAS 6 Ratchet5
IAS 7 Ratchet5
IAS 8 Nintendogen64 & CrystalFissure
IAS? Nein! Ratchet5
IAS 9 Ratchet5 & Nintendogen64
IAS 10 DessertMonkeyJK & Supster131
IAS Invitational Tournament Nintendogen64
RIP: Resurrected Ratchet5
ISGP Nintendogen64 & CrystalFissure
DR-WC Ratchet5

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