Unnamed Speedrunning Tournament
Held On Never
Host(s) Morgan
Co-Host(s) None
Players Target of 16
Gold Winner 1st place winner
Silver Runner-Up 2nd place winner
Bronze Third Place 3rd place winner (optional)
Fourth Place 4th place winner (optional)
Running Date TBD
Tournaments SSIcon

The tournament has been cancelled. If anyone wants to use this tournament's format for themselves, then they're free to do so.

Unnamed Speedrunning Tournament, or UST for short, was a tournament which Morgan planned to host in 2016. The Tournament's theme was going to be Spyro The Dragon, although Morgan would not have been able to participate in any races, due to him not being able to use Skype.

Main RulesEdit

The tournament was going to have a unique setup, where there would be a number of seeded 'group leaders', who would have power over the other people in their groups. They could order rematches, they would watch people if they had to do a post-recording, and would report misconduct to the tournament's main host. These group leaders would also be managers of the tournament's YouTube channel. However, it would be their duty to see all scenarios from a neutral's perspective, regardless of whether or not they were involved in said scenario(s). The people who were selected to be group leaders would be invited to watch a private 'dummy' video, which the group leaders and Morgan would use the comments section of to communicate with each other. Only Morgan would have the power to perform greater tasks, such as kicking people, or stripping group leadership rights. He would also be doing all of the draws for the tournament, and he could add, remove, or change rules.

Participation RulesEdit

The tournament was aiming to have at least 16 competitors. The Grand Final game would have been Spyro 2 or 3, and as a result, competitors must have been able to play at least 2 of the games from the original trilogy, although any Spyro game would have been allowed.

Match RulesEdit

Competitors would get 5 points for a win and 2 points for a defeat, as long as they didn't quit before they officially lost. If the competitors finished within 2 seconds of each other, a draw would be declared. If this happened, the competitors could either take 3 points each, or do a rematch. If the competitors could not agree on what to do, then a rematch would be done by default. If the rematch also ended in a draw, then the competitors must have taken 3 points each. If a draw occured in the knockout rounds, then a rematch would obviously have been the only option. In the knockout rounds, rematches could not be drawn; whoever finished first won, plain and simple. Matches involving more than 2 competitors could not be drawn. Matches could be done as a single speedrun, or in a best of 3 or 5 format. Goals could vary. It could be a race to collect a certain amount or something, or to reach a certain point in the game, or even 'bingo', which can be understood by watching this video. However, only in the Grand Final could the objective involve beating the game.

Group RulesEdit

Each group would consist of four people. If there was a 2-way tie in a group, due to 2 people drawing with each other, whoever actually finished first in the drawn race would finish higher. If there was a 3-way tie for first or second place in a group, then a triple threat match would be done. If the tie was for first place, the first two people to finish would go through to Round 2, and if the tie was for second place, only the winner would go through. If there was an equal amount of 3-way ties for first and second place, then no triple threat matches would be done, and instead all of the people involved in a 3-way tie for first place would go through, while none of the people involved in a 3-way tie for second place would go through. If all four of the people in a group were tied, due to each of them having 1 win, 1 draw, and 1 defeat, or even due to every match in the group being drawn, a quadruple threat match would be done, where the first two people to finish would go through. A quadruple threat match would also be done if a group finished as follows:

Group Rankings
Competitors Played Won Lost Points
Player A1 3 2 1 12
Player A2 3 2 1 12
Player A3 3 1 2 9
Player A4 3 1 2 9

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