VanizKai is one of the few Italian speedrunners that have entered IAS. He competed in I'm A Speedrunner 5.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 5Edit

VanizKai was brought into Group C as a replacement, and was grouped with MrGamesendy (who had also replaced another person, and in turn was later replaced by Vaniz' friend, Layositan), AuronSuper95 and Elvisman2000. This group was notable in that it contained three Italian speedrunners.

Vaniz faced Auron in a Crash 2 race to obtain the first three coloured gems (Blue, Red and Green). This speedrun is notable as Auron was forced into speaking Italian (which he hates doing) at the beginning of the speedrun, as VanizKai's English was not fluent enough. Vaniz then proceeded to annoyingly utter "Glugluglguglug" and make other odd noises throughout the speedrun... while Auron switched back to English. Vaniz also blatantly re-recorded his speedrun, making it look like he was the victor, although he wasn't punished for it.

Vaniz then faced Elvisman2000 in Crash Team Racing in a race to defeat Ripper Roo. Vaniz won and went through to Round 2 (without facing Layositan).

Vaniz was matched with Ratchet5 and they had a match to get 15 gems (no Red Gem glitch) in Crash Bandicoot 2.

Vaniz was defeated and has not returned to IAS since.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 5 3 1 2 Knockout Stage
Total 3 1 2