You're not getting a rematch is yet another summery song parodying Telephone by Lady Gaga. The song of choice was Ratchet5 response to Mr100PercentGamer's At least I'm not as bad as Saggers.

This song sums up the events that occurred in Round 2 of I'm A Speedrunner 3.


Round 2 Round 2 Round 2's over
and what can I say?
It started with 3 speed runs
All in one day

Not all runs are uploaded
but soon they will be
But one word sums up this round

arguments arguments arguments
and controversy

First mecklemisuer raced Chaosstar
So short that it was unfair
cause Meckle won cause Chaosstar
Was failing at swimming in the air

Then there was
Luke vs John where shock
the underdog had won
Luke should have known not to do
an Enter the dragonfly speedrun

Crash41596 had a very close race
with TheAFH
Al lost by 3 seconds cause of glitch
and wanted a rematch

Meanwhile, Owen was owned by Dusan by only a tad
And Owen's video was skipping frames like mad
Then there was Teal's match he won by a gameover
And Al was still begging for a do-over

"You wont get a rematch"
"I don't want a rematch"
"You lost cause of glitch that's it"
Said Crash41596

"Stop asking for a rematch"
"You're not getting a rematch"
"I want to win against Luke that's a fact"
Kept saying Matt

It was heating up in the skype community
Bandi said he's quit YouTube, still angry
About his Round 1 defeat but that's over now
Oh and Matt had accepted a rematch 40 eggs he did allow

U mad bro?
U mad bro?
U mad Matt?
I guess not, you won the speedrun

John then wanted a rematch with Luke
To prove it wasn't loading times or a fluke

"Lukes back in oh no" people began to complain
Oh wait hold on looks like John won it again

Now that that was over I was nagging
48 hour extension for those who were lagging

Nintendo and Dessertmonkey weren't allowed to chitch
And Dessertmonkey kept on flaming red fish

Ratchet5 raced Flarez I mean Flares
Owen was commentating, nobody cares

Angus raced edo at Spyro 1
While random music played, Nintendogen won

Then when Round 2 had about an hour left
Mrfinlandboy uploaded his race with NGF

At first it was the only 2 parts of the run
And Seeing NGF lose was not very fun

But Times up Round 2's done
Said Ratchet5 with his tub
And now hes gonna draw without 3 matches being uploaded

l-l-l-l-l-lapogne and Hester get a move on
Same as Max and Shadowdevil
You lazy people

Stop living in the past
Get off your ass
And do some speedrun-run-run-run-running

Round 2's over already
Time to move on to Round 3
I have nothing more to say
Stop watching this and do your speedruns